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Data: 6 Sierpień 2011
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E-on Vue 9.5 xStream 9.50-04 Build 9505072 x86+x64 Win / Mac (2011)

E-on Vue 9.5 xStream 9.50-04 Build 9505072 x86+x64 Win / Mac (2011) | 2.6 GB
E-on Vue 9.5 xStream - professional program for modeling landscapes, animation and rendering natural three-dimensional media, has integration modules with software 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, LightWave, Maya and Softimage. Vue xStream 9 is designed for CG professionals can create and edit any of the scenes and provides many unique opportunities to create a landscape.

Any scene can be downloaded directly to your favorite software, including the entire ecosystem, all types of atmospheres, cameras, lighting, plants, landscapes etc. Because some items are special (eg, ecosystem), xStream uses OpenGL technology to display them more clearly and quickly. You can choose to enable this option or change the screen resolution to speed up loading of large scenes. Autonomous scene created in xStream, stored in a format vue, combined scenes are saved in native format 3D-applications, or may be divided into the format and 3D applications vue format. In the latter case the native scene in 3D-application will refer to the vue scene.

Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 32 sixty fourths,
2GHz Pentium IV processor or Better,
1GB RAM of Free,
200 MB Hard Disk Free of space,
1200x768 in 65K colors/16 bits (24 + bits recommended)

Mac OS X v10.5 + thirty-two sixty fourths,
2GHz Intel processor or faster,
1GB RAM of Free,
200 MB Hard Disk Free of space,
1200x768 in 65K colors/16 bits (24 + bits recommended)

What's new:
Anti-Aliasing GPU
Depth of Field FastHybrid
Matte Shadow
MDD File Format
Velocity Pass
-World Browser Accessibility
EcoSystem 4
HyperBlob Technology
Rocky Mountains Fractal
Terrain Retopology
Improved Terrain Editor
Inverse Kinematics
Custom Interfaces
Atmosphere Relighting
Improved EcoPainting
Localized Cloud Layers
Cloud Control Advanced
Interactive texture Placement
Custom Star Maps
New Interface Design
Auto and Scene Snapshots Saving
Interactive Network Rendering
Native Cocoa
HDR Multi-Pass Rendering
Real-World Units
Catmull-Clark Subdivision
Improved Texture Management
Installing the Infinite or xStream of your choice with the same installer:
1. Start the installation (on Mac OS, you must copy the contents of the disc to your hard drive and run setup from there).

2. During installation, when you are asked to enter a serial number, use the Keygen, to create one.
Do not close before the end Keygen setup, you still need to generate an activation code.
If by mistake you have closed the Keygen you can enter the serial number you provided when registering - serial number in the box, Keygen.

3. After installation, launch and activate using the activation code received in the Keygen.
When you enter the code click on the "Completing the activation."

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