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Data: 18 Lipiec 2011
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Avid Velvet 1.3 RTAS Mac OSX Intel

Avid Velvet 1.3 RTAS Mac OSX Intel 437 MB

Vintage Electric Pianos
Whether you’re inspired by ’60s soul, ’70s classic rock, or that ’80s “glassy” synth sound, Velvet delivers stunningly realistic emulations of your favorite electric pianos.

This powerful instrument plug-in emulates these classic keyboards - both in sound quality and playing feel - and provides unrivaled flexibility to achieve sounds for any style of music.

From the faintness of the lightest pianissimo to the note splat of the strongest fortissimo, Velvet is capable of delivering sounds you’d normally only hear when playing the real instrument - and those that are only limited by your imagination. The latest version comes with 4 GB* of sounds, features a new reverb effects module with three reverb types (Ambience, Spring, and Room), and introduces nine new FM tines that deliver unique sonic characteristics, including classic ’80s-inspired “glassy” digital piano sounds.

* Velvet comes with 4 GB of audio content, which is compressed into a space-saving 685 MB using proprietary lossless compression. Velvet dynamically

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