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Data: 16 Lipiec 2011
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[PC] Real War Rogue States - ENG

[PC] Real War Rogue States - ENG | 430 MB | 1 Link

Real War: Rogue States is the follow-up to a pretty bad real-time strategy game. But since there was room for improvement, developer Rival Interactive had a perfect opportunity to go back and address some of the original game's shortcomings, though apparently, the developer didn't take care of all of them. Although Rogue States does fix several of Real War's problems, the original game's biggest problems remain.

Rogue States' missions are loosely based on real-world military campaigns.

Last year's Real War had a poor user interface and terrible AI. That game's story involved US military forces going overseas to battle terrorists, and it was notable mainly for its bad timing, since the game was released a few weeks after September 11. The subject matter in Rogue States hasn't changed much. You could certainly say that some of the game's missions--for example, those involving the use of Apache helicopters to hunt down Scud missiles tipped with biological contaminants--are timely. And if Ben Affleck can do it in The Sum of All Fears, then searching through an American city for a nuclear bomb counting down to detonate must be OK for a real-time strategy game. Rogue States' box even borrows President Bush's language about an "axis of evil." However, it's still unsettling, when you're playing Rogue States as the Independence Liberation Army, to load terrorist units into trucks or airplanes and then drive the vehicles into an enemy building for a suicide attack, all the while hearing them confirm the orders in Arabic. It's hard not to find this sort of thing to be in poor taste. It's also hard to believe that most of Rogue States' audio is lifted right from Real War, including the same canned sound effects and the same voicework from Full Metal Jacket star R. Lee Erney.

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