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Data: 8 Lipiec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Windows 7 Enterprise X64 Untouched Except For SP1 & Updates
Windows 7 Enterprise X64 Untouched Except For SP1 & Updates

Windows 7 Enterprise X64 Untouched Except For SP1 & Updates 3.22GB

The ISO is updated to include all Windows Updates thru 6/14/2011. After install rightclick UniversalThemePatcherand run as administrator. Patch the files it ask you to patch. Now you will be able to apply 3rd party non Microsour themes.
The Blade theme by Mr. Grim of VirtualCustoms I included, because I found it is faster to install it if you have any problems with files that were suppose to be patched by the UniversalThemePatcher than to go in by hand and fix them. After running Universal I recommend running the Blade theme. You can always change it later if you do not like it. If you do like it I have also include the Blade icon pack for it. If you would like to install the Blade icons either run the 7tsp_GUI_v0.3_B(3003).exe which will just run and not install, or run the 7tsp_GUI_v0.3_B(3003)_Installer.exe which will actually install 7tsp. Once 7tsp is open navigate to where you have the Blade icon pack by selection Add a Custom Pack. Once you select the icon pack just click Start Patching. I have also included Mr. Grims 7tsp_explorerfram.dll_Fix. Use 7tsp to install this as well. It will fix some problems that some 3rd party themes have. lastly I have included a activated portable copy of Restorator 2009. You can simply Google for information on it.

That it, I hope you enjoy your new OS. As a bonus I have included the bie_7install64.exe activator for Windows 7 Enterprise that does not require a reboot. Rightclick and run as administrator and it will do the rest.

Again Enjoy,

Password: WinSe7enEnterprise
Password is case sensitive

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