Data: 1 Lipiec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Microsoft Windows 7 Parandco 2010 ENG/ISO
Microsoft Windows 7 Parandco 2010 ENG/ISO

Microsoft Windows 7 Parandco 2010 ENG/ISO | 4.48 GB

Windows 7 – family of operating systems Windows NTParandco is the largest software supplier in Iran. You say, “Why should I put this OS?”. The fact that this company takes the original images and provides them with all sorts of cracks. In this case, the system files are not affected!
The operating system in 2010
This operating system is put on laptops is very fast and stable work nothing is not built. After activation, which is working steadily on the disk upgrade.
This system differ from other stable work on laptops as there are (manual) Windows 7 Genuine.
01.Novy handy desktop. Windows7 allows you to prepare for working with a computer faster than ever before. The taskbar contains the enlarged buttons and full-size sketches. You can also mount the program to access them with one click. Jump Lists provide shortcuts to files, folders and Web sites
02.Super-fast search. Enter in the search box on the Start menu to the desired word, and you will immediately see the results, grouped by categories: documents, images, music, e-mail program. When searching for a folder or library, you can fine-tune your search by using filters, such as by date or file type, and use the preview pane, so that would look at the results

If links die, I will reupload at here.

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