Data: 26 Czerwiec 2011
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Choy Lee Fut 2011 BluRay 720p x264 AC3 HDChina

Choy Lee Fut 2011 BluRay 720p x264 AC3 HDChina
MKV | BluRay H.264 1080p TrueHD 5.1 | x264 L4.1 High 2pass 3765 kbps | 24000 fps | 1:32:07 | 1280 x 544 | 3.27 GB
AUDiO 1.........: Cantonese DD 5.1 @ 640 kbps (TrueHD Core)
AUDiO 2.........: Mandarin DD 5.1 @ 640 kbps (TrueHD Core)
THEATER DATE....: 2011/03/31
RELEASE DATE....: 2011/06/24
iMDB RATiNG.....: 5.9/10 (48 votes)
GENRE : Action

Choy Lee Yut is a famous Chinese martial arts but I have not heard of it. Therefore, hearing that this movie is based on Choy Lee Yut, I had to give it a shot. Though the martial arts is famous, the movie is not so. I think this is a direct to DVD type of movie, I have not heard it showing in cinemas. Since this is a low budget movie, do not expect excellent visuals and big fight set pieces in cool places and known movies stars like the IP man movies. Some of only noticeable stars are Sammo Hung and Dennis To although they do not appear often.

The story: It is nothing new to the martial arts genre and even the fighting scenes are just okay for a martial arts movie. There is even sappy romance between the main characters. For Gods sake. The first third of the 1 hour and 32 minutes movie is okay focusing on the school and the contract of the fight competition for the school but the second third turns into a sappy puppy love story where the main characters are somehow attracted to each other. Martial arts fans will have to wait till the last third to see some real fighting in the competition. But the waiting for the competition is not well paid off. The moves/choreography brings nothing new to the genre plus all of the horrifying slow motion shots. And the song played during the last fight scene. What was the music composer thinking? The CGI in a few scenes is like from a cheap video game.

Choy Lee Fut 2011 BluRay 720p x264 AC3 HDChina

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