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Data: 26 Czerwiec 2011
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3D Cuisine Deluxe

3D Cuisine Deluxe | 679 MB

3D Kitchen Deluxe can easily draw the plans for the kitchen, instantly view 3D and decorate it so highly personalized, ideal for those with a renovation project, development or design. In addition, the new engine more powerful Arcon 9.0, reference architecture professional and consumer guarantee an ultra-realistic 3D rendering.

aˆ? Arcon, the standard engine 3D architecture with ultra-realistic 3D rendering
aˆ? The complete solution to renovate or develop its cuisine according to his tastes
aˆ? Advanced tools to build and equip the kitchen in detail
aˆ? A single interface for drawing all his plans in 2D, view and instantly see the same project in real-time 3D
aˆ? Get started quickly and easily with intuitive interface and manual handling
aˆ? Compatibility with the new OS Windows Vista (TM)


aˆ? INCLUDED! 20,000 3D objects and textures ** adapted to the French market to furnish and decorate your kitchen ...

aˆ? Create and customize wallpaper, paneling and other texture

aˆ? Tool detailed costing for the development and design with consideration of floor areas, wall, and volume ...

aˆ? 20 professional tools to create

aˆ? INCLUDED! Bonus kitchen furniture from the collection "The Quick" of Cuisinella

aˆ? INCLUDED! A guide to the layout of the kitchen (pdf) by

aˆ? Manual handling printed in color

And still, the advanced features of 3D Kitchen

aˆ? Start easy with the Startup Wizard and five models fitted kitchens integrated software

aˆ? Draw your plan in 2D, and the millimeter scale and French standards

aˆ? Create standard virtual walls (to handle different textures in the same room), beams and walls

aˆ? Choose your doors and windows in our catalog and set them to easily obtain the desired dimensions

aˆ? Draw the complete collections of kitchen furniture, fully customizable and styles for all tastes and all kinds of facilities

aˆ? Create and customize your planks and tiles with the specific tool

aˆ? Coupe 2D with 3D cutting and quotes

Platform: Windows XP / Vista

Language : French


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