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Data: 26 Czerwiec 2011
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Ultimate Collection of Paid Android Apps and Games (2010-2011)

Ultimate Collection of Paid Android Apps and Games (2010-2011) | 2,29 Gb

This is a complete collection of Android applications and games, kotoroya is today .... Generally speaking, all for you ...

abcOrganizer.v1.6.3.apk 652.7 KB
Abduction 1.2.6.apk 1.3 MB
accudial_v7.2.apk 281.9 KB
Act_1_Video_Player.v2.7.0.apk 109.5 KB
Advanced_Task_Killer_Pro_v1.7.6.apk 48.1 KB
Advanced_Task_Manager_v4.0.1.apk 166.2 KB
aevumobscurum_v1.0.12.apk 2.5 MB
Afile_V1.20.apk 1.3 MB
aFirewall1.9.0_Chinese_version.apk 301.4 KB
aHome v3.1.0.apk 988.1 KB
AirDropLite_1.0.1.2.apk 487.1 KB
aiSystemWidget.1.1.0.apk 385.5 KB
Akinator_V2.apk 1.9 MB
Alarming_Alarm Clock v2.2.0.apk 637.5 KB
aLauncher v1.30.apk 309.4 KB
Album Art Grabber v1.1.5.apk 31 KB
albumartgrabber_v1.1.5.apk 40.2 KB
aldiko.bookreader.premium.v1.2.9.apk 1.2 MB
allin1calc.v1.6.apk 208.6 KB
alock.apk 973.2 KB
aloqa.apk 676.9 KB
always flash v2010-03-26.apk 16.3 KB
AlwaysFlash_ver10.02.21.apk 24.9 KB
Android Chm EBook Reader Pro version 2.1.5.apk 229.3 KB
Android IRC v1.6.6.apk 102.3 KB
Android.-.Fishin.2.Go.v1.1.5.apk 877.8 KB
AndroidMate_ver1.0.6.apk 159.1 KB
Androids Fortune v1.5.apk 383.5 KB
AndroidSOS.apk 24.7 KB
AndroMote Pro _1.2.3.apk 278 KB
AndWobble_V1.9.apk 306.2 KB
AntiBody (1.8).apk 406.6 KB
AnyCut-OpenHomeEdition.apk 28.6 KB
AnyRSS.Readers.Widgets.V3.4.apk 141.4 KB
Battery Level _2.1.459.apk 86 KB
Battery Monitor _1.0.5.apk 174.1 KB
Battery Status v3.1.apk 59.6 KB
BatteryBoosterFull.v1.8.1.apk 159.4 KB
Battle for Mars _1.0.16.apk 1.2 MB
BeamReader PDF Viewer Full v1.1.apk 1.3 MB
BeamReader Pdf Viewer_activation key.apk 20.5 KB
Beatdown_Boxing_v1.82.apk 1.5 MB
beautifulwidgets.v2.95.apk 1.1 MB
bedsidepro_ver.3.5.apk 214.4 KB
beebplayer.apk 184.9 KB
Best Screen Crack Version 1.0.apk 52.3 KB
better cut v2.1.apk 285.8 KB
comptiaa+ bundle v1.03.apk 568.9 KB
Concise Oxford English Dictionary _11th version.apk 446.6 KB
Connectivetools.Alarmmaster.v1.0.apk 596.2 KB
Contacts Blast _1.8.2.apk 777.4 KB
contactswidget.apk 262.3 KB
Cool Texter V1.9.apk 255.5 KB
coursepro_ver1.3.1.apk 438.7 KB
flightdirector1.3.apk 2.6 MB
Flighttrack v 1.2.3.apk 672.6 KB
Font_Flasher-v5.0_v5.0.apk 475.5 KB
ForeFlight Weather Version 2.0.apk 2.7 MB
FotMob 4.5 Pro 4.5.5.apk 879.2 KB152.9 KB
FoxyEditorPro v1.0.5.apk 1.9 MB
Free.memory.V2.4.2.apk 82.3 KB
FreeboxWifi Connect.apk 127.9 KB
HTC_Ime[touch.Input].v2.10.apk 4.4 MB
HTC_IME_v1.0.0.apk 4.1 MB
Hubroid.V1.3[GitHub].apk 395.2 KB
hyperspace v1.36.apk 1.6 MB
i Music Tao v1.2.25.apk 502.7 KB
ICE_Pro_V1.0.apk 36.8 KB
idemolished v1.1.1.apk 4 MB
iFight Pro_v1.2.8.apk 2.8 MB
ihome.full.magical.experience.V1.5.0.apk 1.5 MB
Ilightr.v.1.0.2.apk 1017.6 KB
Imagelock_V1.6.5.apk 114.6 KB
In Case of Emergency _1.1.apk 182.2 KB
instant.mail.v2.0.apk 448.6 KB
IP Cam Viewer _2.4.7.apk 322.6 KB
ipharmacy_ver2.1.apk 585.3 KB
iPingPong 3D _1.0.0.apk 1.6 MB
IRC.v.1.0.3.G1.Android.apk 49.9 KB
iSyncr_v0.9.52.apk 644.1 KB
itrackmma v2.7.apk 122 KB
Japanese Phrases with Audio_v1.0.apk 1.8 MB
jetflicks.mobilevideo.apk 49.8 KB
Jewellust 2.0.4.apk 3.7 MB
JuiceDefender_ver0.9.5beta.apk 232.9 KB
Just Tones v4.2.apk 24.9 KB
KeepScreen 1.0.2 Full.apk 34.1 KB
KeyGuardDisabler_v1.5.apk 15.3 KB
more info:

Installation Instructions

1) Android originally did not allow viewing card SD, so you'll need to install a file manager. There are a wide variety of file managers available on Android, but my personal favorite ASTRO File Manager.

2) a copy. APK file on an SD card

Once you ASTRO File Manager is installed, connect the Android device to a computer via USB-cable. Mount the SD card and copy. APK file you wish to install.

3) Install. AIC

On your Android ustroystve go since AIC fayle by ASTRO File Manager and select it.

This opens a dialog box allows you to install the application. Select "View Manager App"


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