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Sony Sample Packs (WAV)

Sony Sample Packs (WAV) | 2,56 Gb

The Zero-Gravity Beats collection is the brainchild of master drummer and percussionist Siggi Baldursson.
Best known for his highly regarded work with Sugarcubes, Björk, and Emiliana Torrini, the intensely creative Siggi was one of the first acoustic drummers to explore the world of modern electronic dance music. Sequestered at Butch Vig's Smart Studios complex, Siggi went a bit mad behind his amazing kit, and we captured the best bits using a wide variety of unusual and slightly outrageous recording techniques. Then we performed hundreds of hours of intensive effects processing, microscopic editing, and other space-age stuff to produce some of the most invasive space rock, techno, jungle, dub, trip-hop, trance, and dance grooves ever to descend from outer space. So brace yourself for the full onslaught of our Zero-Gravity Beats library – a serious collection of exclusive, royalty-free drum loops created by Siggi Baldursson and Sony Creative Software, and designed for total effectiveness on any ACIDŽ software project mission.

Luxuriate in the syrupy-sweet Sony ACID Loops - Electro Lounge construction kit that's loaded with mellow grooves, intelligently funky basses, and tons of sparkling ear candy. Now you're making smooth, laid back tracks that will keep you company long after the after party is over. Bunker 8 Digital Labs together with Filet of Soul present 20 motifs that provide you with instant access to fully-formed grooves ranging from slowburn to disco. Each one has its own mix file-drop these when you need finished music in a pinch. With this loop/sample library, you've got it goin' on, and you know that it's all royalty-free, and that means even more relaxin.

The DJ rules on our Scratch Tactics collection, the first SonyŽ Sound Series™ loop library to give it up completely to the decks. In case you're not already convinced, this package is proof that the turntable is a 'legit' musical instrument in a class by itself, and a sound source that can supply nearly all the beats, breaks, riffs, and FX you need to make grooving, fully-produced tracks. To round out the collection, the Peace/Love production team included folders full of basses and textures – the finishing touch on a construction kit with an 'ablist's core. Shake up the urban underground with nothing but your PC, a box of ACIDŽ software, and a fresh copy of the Scratch Tactics library.

Proto-industrial composer Nigel Ayers sequestered himself in England's Bodmin Jail—a hotbed of paranormal activity—in an attempt to conjure its essence, summoning the ghosts of centuries past with the machinery of the future. Loop Noir: Paranormal Sound Design is a digital mausoleum packed with 15 creepy construction kits full of sound design. A meditation on horror and dread, every spooky sound is cut with an executioner's precision for optimal performance in ACID software and every other platform that loads WAV files.

Rapoon: Sci-Fi TribalRobin Storey's genius is pristine, uncluttered by the extraneous influences of time and change. His history with the UK industrial underground ensemble zoviet-france is still a controversial topic in alternative music, and his massive catalog of solo releases as Rapoon is revered by ambient and experimental music listeners worldwide. The Sci-Fi Tribal collection is Robin's second Sony Sound Series loop library, and the next step in a personal evolution of music that is firmly grounded in a well-established aesthetic that is becoming even more evocative and compelling. The spaces between Robin's mesmerizing loop points are filled with strange combinations of ethnic instruments, assorted noisemakers, found objects, obscure sound bites, and severe processing. The Sci-Fi Tribal library is a gateway to moods and atmospheres that will make lasting impressions on the listener, and a fine library that will fit easily into the tool kits of producers working in nearly every music genre.


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