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Data: 20 Czerwiec 2011
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F.E.A.R. 3 (2011/ENG/PC) STEAMCLONE-P2P | 4.5 GB
Developer: Day 1 Studios | Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive
Language: English, Russian, German, French, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Polish
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Ninemonths ago, Point Man and his F.E.A.R. squad were tapped to stop atelepathically gifted cannibal who had begun a murderous rampage. PointMan learned the target was his brother, Paxton Fettel, workingalongside their tortured and psychically powerful mother, Alma Wade.Despite this revelation, Point Man followed orders to destroy them andsubsequently ravaged the surrounding city and most of his Now, it is clear that Almas psychic influence survived" andworse, she is about to birth something that could destroy the world.

Fettelhas returned from death with an unclear agenda, refusing to leave PointMans side and asking for help to reach Alma. The remaining F.E.A.R.squad is still trying to complete their mission. With his chain ofcommand broken and Point Man calling his own shots, where will hisallegiance lie

# F.3.A.R delivers all thehallmarks that define the F.E.A.R. brand: terrifying paranormal horror,frenetic combat, and a dramatic storyline.
# F.3.A.R. evolves thebrand, introducing Divergent Co-op: deep, social gameplay that givesplayers distinctly different abilities that affect their own play aswell as the experience of gamers they are playing withŚor against.
#Proprietary technology creates random scare events to increase thefeeling of isolation and unpredicatability when playing alone or with afriend, and offers new experiences each time gamers play through.
#Active 360 degree cover, evolutionary slow-mo modes, phasing portalsystems and best in class mech combat aid players in facing an army ofsoldiers and paranormal enemies.

System requirements:
# OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 with DirectX 9.0c
# Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz, AMD Athlon X2 4800
# Graphics: NVIDIA 8800 GT 512MB RAM, ATI 3850HD 512Mb RAM or better
# Required Disc Space: 10GB Free Hard Drive Space


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