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Data: 19 Czerwiec 2011
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Lion-10.7 DP3 Universal DMG [IMaGE]

Lion-10.7 DP3 Universal DMG [IMaGE] | 3,69 Gb

If you have not never been installed, run Mac OS from scratch and not seen as a first boot after installation from the installation media, then this distribution is for you!

You will see the launch of the system from the very beginning, that is:
Supernova explosion (if you do not have integrated graphics card), setting up the connection (if your NIC is supported by the manufacturer), sound (if sound card card is supported by the manufacturer).
User Registration, select the region

Ext. Information: The image of the system after installation does not require any additional no assistive devices at startup, except for the first launch.
If you have a different maximum axis, then it runs out of zagruzochnik, which will later be used to run and the choice of launch systems, if installing from scratch, then you pass away once to use a bootable USB drive that would run the system, but from a system run start Loader for subsequent launches of the system
From downloaders recommend Chameleon RC5 r778 or another swing with

You can restore an image as Guido Section, and on ICBMs

Installation:After downloading, the image is restored on any media disk utility after restarting the system to run two possibilities
First: Run the previously established axis of the old Mac to replace the boot suitable for use with Lion
Second: Need flash drive, boot suitable for running Lva.Pri by flash to produce the first run, then activate the loader as it is written in the first method

Year: 2011
Version: 10.7DP3 (11A459e)
System requirements: Intel's PC chipset ICH7 AHCI not below 64 bit platform
AMD is not supported


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