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Data: 16 Czerwiec 2011
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Drive Genius v.3.1.1 HOTiSO for MacOSX (2011/ENG)

Drive Genius v.3.1.1 HOTiSO for MacOSX (2011/ENG) | 824 MB

HOTiSO group have released updated version of Drive Genius v3.1.1.
Drive Genius v3.1.1 is easy to use software that will help you with storage management. This application has many great features and powerful tools which will optimize your drives, test tool that will scan surface of you drives, error repair tools and benchmark test tools. Drives can be changed, additional partitions created and deleted, partitions splited but will also delete with high security standards. There is an option that will hide partition for security reason.

Drive Genius v3.1.1 offers:
- Initial support for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.
- Live defrag can now be canceled (on some machines this may require a wired keyboard).
- DrivePulseT is now installed on a per-user basis instead of for all users.
- Drive Genius v3.1.1 offers the Information tool that will displays use-based statistics for drives in the Details tab.
- DrivePulseTwill open a Finder window for mounted volumes with a click on the disk icon in the DrivePulseTmenu.
- Bug Fix: Defrag and Repartition now work with native "large block" (4KB) drives.
- Bug Fix: Minor Duplicate issues with native "large block" (4KB) drives.
- Bug Fix: Stability improvements to DriveSlimTwhile searching for files.
- Bug Fix: Stability issue if a drive was removed from the system while a defrag was in progress.
- Bug Fix: The overview information for unmounted volumes was displaying free space as used space.

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