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Data: 16 Czerwiec 2011
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Collection Plugins Suite for Photoshop+Photoshop Design Secrets[DVD1-4]

Collection Plugins Suite for Photoshop+Photoshop Design Secrets[DVD1-4] | 6,62 Gb

As a professional retouch photos home, make installation of your favorite pictures or create a stunning collage
Howto perform a complex design project, create a poster or a design for asite like this How to learn to work unsurpassed in Adobe Photoshop andreveal all the secrets of design How to apply this knowledge inpractice for the processing of home photos or further earnings

Include :
- Collection of plugins Digital Anarchy (5 pl.)
- Collection of plugins Alien Skin (8 pl.)
- Plug-ins Digital Film Tools (5 pl.)
- Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 10 (7 pl.)
- Plugins Frischluft FlAIR.v1.22 for Photoshop
- PhotoWiz Plugins Suite (6 pl.)
- Curvemeister v3.2.0 Retail for Adobe Photoshop
- Depth Of Field Generator PRO v3.0.73 for Adobe Photoshop
- Knoll Light Factory v3.1 for Adobe Photoshop
- PixelGenius PhotoKit Color v2.1.4
- Power Retouche Retouching Suite v7.6.3 Retail.
- MaskPro 4.1
- PhotoFrame 4.0.2 Professional Edition
- Genuine Fractals 6.0.1 Professional Edition
- PhotoTune 2
- Photo Tools 2.0 Professional Edition
- Focal Point 1.1
- and others.
- P.S. After activation, 112 MB of available updates (tablet inside)
- For each plug-in present medicine.


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