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Autor: Zibert
Data: 15 Czerwiec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

[PC] Machine Hunter - ENG

[PC] Machine Hunter - ENG | 145 MB

Machine Hunter is a top-down perspective shooter style game set in the future. Alines have invaded some factories and are producing killer robots. Your mission is to destroy these alien machines. To increase your firepower and armor, you can use the enemy machines you defeat.

Power-ups are provided at various levels. List of power-ups includes:

- Health - Restores the player's health to 100%.
- Power Upgrade level 1 - The player's bullets turns green, and is more lethal than the player's default weapon.
- Power Upgrade level 2 - The player's bullets turns blue, and is even more lethal than green,and to some extent capable of performing special functions (like homing into enemies, firing at two angles spread 90 degrees apart, etc).
- Proximity Mines - The player will drop it on the floor, then lure enemies to walk over it. After 5 seconds, it will explode, causing massive damage(even to the player him/herself who got too near).
- Explosion - Once used, an explosion will appear directly in front of the player. The player will not be harmed, but enemies ahead would.
- Homing spike - A spiked ball that floats in the air, circling the player, stabbing enemies around the player and causing major damage. Even large mutants will die in one hit by this weapon.
- Floating robot aide - A round, mechanical ball that floats around the player, similar to the homing spike. When the player shoots at enemies, the robot aide will fire bullets (similar to the player's default pistol's) at nearby opponent. It can cause minor damage to enemies, though not as deadly as the homing spike. It only appears at the few final levels.

If you like this game,please buy it license version!support developers;)

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