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Data: 9 Czerwiec 2011
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Dr.Web Anti-Virus & Security Space + Unattended [RePack - 2011)

Dr.Web Anti-Virus & Security Space + Unattended [RePack - 2011) | 580 Mb

Antivirus Dr.Web - Basic computer protection from all malware with additional protection against network attacks with built-in firewall. This is an effective tool for continuous monitoring of health of your computer, safely blocking attempts to viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and other malware to penetrate the system from any external sources, to protect against attempts by hackers to penetrate into the protected computer.
Anti-Virus protects computers running Windows Ž 2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac upon OS X 10.4 or Linux. If you are actively visiting the Web sites and use e-mail - it is recommended to use Dr.Web Security Space.

Dr.Web Security Space best solution for comprehensive protection of PC from online threats: viruses, rootkits, worms, hacking utilities, spam, phishing messages, infected internet sites, cyber-crime, anti-children and unauthorized access from outside. Dr.Web Security Space includes all functions of Kaspersky Dr.Web + everything you need for Internet security: anti-spam, Web anti-virus, parental control.

A single installer for all products;
Sewn coffee (Hard'n'Soft) key until 06.23.2011;
Automatically determined by the capacity of the system and put the appropriate version;
Automatically detects the language of the system and uses the appropriate language;
In the assembly used by the original msi-installer;
Do not cut.

The assembly:
Dr.Web Antivirus [x86/x64];
Dr.Web Antivirus Pro [x86/x64];
Dr.Web Security Space [x86/x64];
Dr.Web Security Space Pro [x86/x64].

By pressing the "Ok" to be installed Dr.Web Security Space Pro in automatic stealth mode.
When you hold the "Shift" key and pressing "Ok" you can install Dr.Web Antivirus Pro.

Additional key setup:
Key-sfxlang: 1033 Installation with English interface
Key-sfxlang: 1049 Set with Russian interface
Key-sfxlang: 1058 Installation with Ukrainian interface
Warning: Key-sfxlang should be put before all other keys!

Switch-ai Installing Dr.Web AntiVirus Pro
Key-ai1 Installing Dr.Web Security Space (without firewall)
Key-ai2 Installing Dr.Web AntiVirus (without firewall)
Key-ai3 Manual Dr.Web Security Space
Key-ai4 Manual Dr.Web AntiVirus.


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