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Data: 6 Czerwiec 2011
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Dassault Systemes CATIA V5R20 SP 6.0 Update WIN32/WIN64

Dassault Systemes CATIA V5R20 SP 6.0 Update WIN32/WIN64 | 2,7 Gb

CATIA V5R20 represents an essential release in the life cycle V5: offering key technologies and solutions to support innovation, it is the foundation for more intensive cooperation among the communities. The motto of CATIA V5R20: "Developing innovation by improving collaborative solutions" - reflects the two most important characteristics of the release.
CATIA - PLM-key solution Dassault Syste `mes, providing exceptional quality of design. This software, which is the market leader, is for all producers, from the OEMs and their supply chains to small independent businesses. In conjunction with ENOVIA for decision support and lifecycle management, and DELMIA for manufacturing engineering, CATIA V5 is a key element of collaborative product lifecycle management.
CATIA V5 provides a comprehensive portfolio that helps create added value in all industries.
CATIA V5R20 goes even further towards improving the quality of parts made of composites, offering advanced capabilities for the analysis of composite materials. The new environment views of projects provides access to specifications for details of all partiCENZURAnts in the value chain.

Circuit Board Design (CBD)
Serves as the basis for effective cooperation in the framework of computer-aided design of electronic and machinery products, thanks to a drawing process of Printed Circuit Board (PCB), ensures high-tech industries, new benefits.

Electrical Harness Installation (EHI)
Integration of knowledge at the earlier stages of development can significantly improve quality and provide new opportunities in the design of electrical harnesses.

3D Functional Tolerancing Annotation (FTA)
Improved three-dimensional display master model and increase productivity by allowing users to automatically create fichersy FT A.
Photo Studio (PH1)
Provides final approval of projects with a realistic simulation of the model. Functional Molded Parts (FMP)
Strengthen support functional simulation for the design of parts with complex machining, extending this unique approach to new manufacturing processes.

Cast Forged Part Optimizer (CFO)
Provides a higher performance engine design and chassis thanks to its unique features "auto-draft".

VPM Navigator (VPN)
CATIA V5R20 opens new horizons for multi-disciplinary 3D-cooperation by extending support to data from VPM-navigator. As a result of CATIA users have at their disposal a more powerful design environment.
3DLive for CATIA

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