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Autor: champosta
Data: 4 Czerwiec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Linyx-Runtu 3 Desktop + Driver + Bend + Installation Guide

Linyx-Runtu 3 Desktop + Driver + Bend + Installation Guide | 1,83 Gb

This package contains the OS itself + driver + installation guide + a lot of different programs under this version of Linux

System Requirements: x86 processor with a frequency of 800 Mhz (recommended 1,6 GHz)
RAM: 256 Mb
HDD: 5 Gb
Video: NVidia or ATI
Language: English Russian
License: Freeware
Description: Description 1
Information on a package Runtu 3 Desktop + program and driver.
The package is specially made for newbies to maximally simplify migration from other operating systems on Linux.

The package has instructions for installing Runtu with a detailed description of all actions.
All programs in this package are installed automatically with the OS. The set also has a program that allows you to run programs from running Windows.
Distribution Linux Runtu, based on the original distribution, Ubuntu, and supplemented with the full support of the Russian language with many
pre-configured packages. Developers have tried to simplify everything maksimalno to ensure seamless migration with Windows.
To work in Runtu predusmotrin large set of programs as well as drivers, and utilities are installed automatically with the OS.
You do not have to search and download on the internet all the software they already have here!

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