Data: 3 Czerwiec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Artizen HDR 2.9.8 Portable

Artizen HDR is an easy to use powerful image editor that will make your photos stunning. It can help you fix exposure, color, and distortion problems for your JPEG's, Digital Camera RAW and High Dynamic Range photos. In addition to extending the usage of SSE and Multi Processor technology, every single filter and process under went a review to ensure that it was optimized as much as possible. As a result, some functions are more than 5X faster than previous versions with an average performance increase of 2-3X across the board. Artizen HDR supports +17 digital raw files formats and over 370 digital cameras. RAW conversion is completely integrated into the core of Artizen, making workflows faster and provides Photographers with all the same tools that would be used with JPG editing, but work directly with the RAW data.

High Dynamic Range Technology.
The entire HDR workflow has been completely overhauled for faster performance, easier use and the addition of several new features. During the HDR creation process, files are loaded and created faster and setting preferences are now saved for reuse. Artizen HDR has 2 automatic algorithms and 1 manual image alignment methods to ensure that regardless of the shooting conditions Artizen will be able to align any photo set. In addition, this update introduces our new Semi Manual and Automatic Ghost Removal technology, which helps to remove moving objects, trees and people in photo sets.

Size (RAR): 26 Mb
5% recovery record

Download Artizen HDR 2.9.8 Portable

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