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Data: 3 Czerwiec 2011
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Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 v7.9.1.6016 (2011/ENG)

Toon Boom Animate Pro 2 v7.9.1.6016 (2011/ENG) | 218 MB

Toon Boom Animate Pro - High-Performance Professional Animation Software. It's most versatile and powerful animation software for independent professional animators. It can be used to create all styles of animation, traditional, Flash-style, cut-out or paperless. From start to finish, Animate Pro enables you to draw digitally, scan paper drawings, colour, animate, synchronize sound; perform advanced compositing using 3D camera and node-based effects; and render your projects in the leading output formats.
Toon Boom Animate Pro combines state-of-the-art vector technology, real-time animation tools and nodal compositing to simplify the creation of complex effects. With its easy-to-use interface, non-destructive and resolution independent workflow, featuring a new and unique 3D space environment Animate Pro delivers incredible power at an economical price.
- Artist Inside: Toon Boom Animate Pro is the only software capable of combining the benefits of vector animation with textured pixmap, preserving artistic details while creating unique organic styles. Developed for animators by animators, Animate Pro is designed to help you achieve the look and feel you are looking for and unleash the endless stylistic possibilities not available in any other technology.

- Smart Puppet: Toon Boom Animate Pro brings together the most advanced feature set available for Flash-style and cut-out animation in the market. This feature set is embedded in a flexible environment including; vector, pixmap, symbols, pegs, morphing, hierarchy-based rigging, timeline view, node view, 3D space, forward and inverse kinematics as well as advanced lip-sync to name just a few.

- Colour Tune: Toon Boom Animate Pro shines when it comes to colouring and creating animation with a unique look and feel. Animate Pro's Smart Colour ID system, palette management, drawing and painting tools using vector, texture and gradient, translate into significant time-savings. At any point, changing character colours and fine-tuning colour ambiance is faster than pouring a cup of coffee!

- True Space: Toon Boom Animate Pro comes with a powerful camera tool that enables you to move your 2D objects in a full 3D environment. Enjoy the beauty of the built-in multiplane camera as you effortlessly set up your action in real-time while sitting comfortably in the director's chair.

- True Vision: Toon Boom Animate Pro goes even further by offering a camera with full 3D rotation. Build a multiplane stage with different depths, which automatically produces a real perspective effect when you move the camera. The ability to create breathtaking cinematographic quality scenery is right at your fingertips.

- 3D Stereoscopic: Combined with true vision, Toon Boom Animate Pro is the only application that enables you to have left and right cameras set from different points of view to achieve 3D stereoscopic results, all within the same package. Flying through your scene adjusting speed in real-time makes you want to dive in your own animated world and enjoy the ride.

- Immediate FX: Being able to apply stunning special effects within the same animation package is priceless. Imagine the time savings you can have by selecting from over tens of special effects, applying them using powerful nodal compositing and previewing your final animation, without having to use another package. Discover untapped creative ground and make all your animation projects look like masterpieces.

- Create resolution-independent scenes combining vector and bitmap animation
- High resolution compositing engine with 16 bits per channel bitmap rendering
- OpenGL accelerated true space environment for accurate multi-plane camera setup and easy depth positioning
- Contextual user interface with predefined Workspaces supporting docked or floating View windows
- Automatic updates to all View windows when changes are made to drawings
- Supports reusable symbol elements and templates stored in library
- Unique real-time anti-aliasing technology in working canvas
- Rapid management of scene structure on large projects with Element Manager
Digital Drawing
- 4 layers available per drawing (Overlay, Line, Colour and Underlay)
- Pencil tool to draw centre line stroke
- Brush tool to draw pressure sensitive contour line strokes with when using a tablet
- Brush tool with several brush tips for artistic drawing with instant preview
- Pressure sensitive Eraser tool available for all vector drawing
- Access Text tool with multiple fonts, styles and layout options
- Convert centreline to contour line and vice versa
- Use different texture brushes to create other line styles such as pencil on paper, watercolour, etc
- Eraser tool supports simultaneous bitmap texture and vector editing
- Optimization possibilities when using textured lines and colour areas
- Multiple drawing modes for drawing behind or painting existing strokes
- User-friendly navigation in your drawing with virtual animation disk to simulate panning, zooming and rotation
- Access a full range of editing tools (cut, copy, paste, scale, rotate, stretch, skew, flip)
- Access a comprehensive set of tools for editing contours (contour editor, smooth)
- Use the light table and multi-level onion skinning features with flexible display available such as outline or fade
- Display bitmap images and/or QuickTime movies for rotoscoping
- Slice drawings with Freehand or rectangle Cutter tools
- Use the Dropper tool to quickly find a colour in a palette
- Use the Ellipse, Line, Polyline or Rectangle shape for rapid construction of geometric elements
- Automatically fill closed shapes with solid colour, gradient or texture
- Flatten vector strokes to merge and remove overlapped lines
- Use Optimize to flatten vector strokes while preserving the visual aspect
- Display square, 12 field or 16 field grids to aid element registration
- Mark In-between, Breakdown and Keyframe drawings for precise frame-by-frame animation
- Instantly reposition drawings from all cels for immediate image manipulation
- Store brushes in the Pen Style library
- Control contour line optimization for easy modification later on
- Preserve gradient and texture continuity over independent strokes
- Adjust brush size on-the-fly
- Change a shape's perspective with Perspective tool
- Shift and Trace your drawings when drawing
Palette and Colour
- Access 16 million colours
- Control transparency for each colour
- Independent colour pots for Pencil, Brush and Fill tools
- Create an unlimited number of palettes
- Create an unlimited number of colour pots per palette
- Fill colour pots with solid colours, gradients or bitmap textures.
- Supports Linear or Radial gradients
- Edit Gradient/Texture tool to edit scale, rotation and hot points
- Clone palettes to preserve dependency
- Duplicate palettes to copy all the colours and have them independent
- Tint colours palette for creating variations without recreating new palette
- Multi Wheel colour picker with independent undo list
- External palette support for collaborative workflow
- Palette Tinting Mixer
- Simultaneously paint a single drawing, several sequences, or all drawings in a level
- Paint colour art, re-colour line art, and check for paint errors
- Use the Swatch mode in Colour view for practical colour overview
- Paint with bitmap textures and gradients
- Close gap tools to manually close gaps
- Close gaps automatically on all your drawings
- Auto-paint all art levels simultaneously
- Manage colour models in independent views
- Paint quickly at all output resolutions
- Use Backlight to verify that a paint process is complete
- Highlight selected colour to select specific colour instantly
- Preserve gradient and texture continuity over multiple paint operations
- Create a library of animated elements and animated sequences
- Store multiple elements with their own drawings
- Create a library of effects
- Store movements along with their own functions and transformations
- Preview drawings in real-time
- Swap drawings easily to manage media assets
- Share stored templates with multiple users
- Drawing layers have their own animation attributes
- Use Distribute to Layer tool to simultaneously distribute character parts to layers
- Use Multi-Keyframes Easing to easily adjust the velocity on multiple character parts
- Use Transform tool to perform most animating editing features (move, rotation, scale, ...) with a single tool
- Activate Animate mode to create keyframes automatically when modifying attributes
- Define interpolation methods (linear or stop motion) per attribute
- Create your in-betweening using the morphing tools
- Create natural-looking animation with Inverse Kinematics (IK) tools
- Automatically generate lip charts and save time lip-synching characters to voice tracks
- Position all drawing layers interactively
- Create 3D trajectories for elements and camera
- Auto-calculate layers' perspective relative to camera position
- Create complex movements with a hierarchy of elements and cameras
- Preview layers and camera moves in real-time
- View multi-plane perspective in real-time
- Click and drag positioning of layers and cameras
- Work simultaneously with multiple aspect ratios
- Pan and Scan in real-time using multiple aspect ratios
- Rotate, scale, translate and skew multiple drawing layers at the same time
- Use Drawing substitution to swap cells easily on-the-fly
- Rotate layers or cameras in all three axes
- Display Drawings, Pegs, Effects, Camera and Soundtrack
- Modify all keyframable layers' values directly in the timeline
- Control layer attributes such as onion skin, visibility, lock, colour and name
- Perform cel swapping or editing
- Organize layers by hierarchy
- Use sound scrubbing on a frame-by-frame basis
- Effortlessly create new motion paths and animated drawings
- Drag and drop keyframes, layers, motion paths and layer transformations
- Display effects and their keyframes
- Display Audio waveforms
- Define custom colours for easy identification of layers
- Emulates a traditional exposure sheet
- Create, edit and save exposure sheets
- Display Audio Waveform
- Contextual exposure sheet column display based on the selected drawing
- Print exposure sheets
- Automatically build the timing in your exposure sheet with a simple click and drag
- Use expression columns based on mathematical operations to create values for an effect
- Control the velocity values with Bezier or ease function curves; control the values in other columns with these functions
- Copy and paste cells with drag and drop
- Automatically visualize and update groups and hierarchies
- Draw directly in exposure sheet with Annotation column using drawing pen
- Tempo Marker
- Display thumbnails for each layer
- Use the Effect Blending modes to create ambiance: Normal, Multiply, Screen, Lighten, Darken, Difference, Add, Subtract, Invert, Overlay, Hardlight, Alpha, Erase, Divide, Replace
- Blur Effects: Blur, Directional Blur, Motion Blur, Glow, Variable Blur, Focus and Matte blur
- Colour Effects: Channel Selector , Colour Card, Colour Scale, Colour Override, Brightness Contrast, Tone, Highlight, Transparency, Colour Screen, Greyscale, Remove Transparency, Negate
- Transformation Effects: Mask, Shadow, Quadmap
- Image Effects: Anti Flicker, Dither, Crop, External, Gradient
- Deformation Effects: Glue, Refract, Pixelate, Grain, Scale, Line Art, Colour Art, Matte Resize
- Preview the Transparency, Colour Scale, Colour Override effects in OpenGL view
- Use ready-made scripts to automate tedious workflow issues or create your own scripts
- Run scripts from within the interface, directly from the command line or over your network through a dedicated communication port
- Simple but powerful javascript-style language is easy to learn without sacrificing function
- Change output resolution without rescanning or repainting
- Scale vector artwork infinitely without pixilation
- Use any output resolution and aspect ratio
- Enjoy efficient compositing with HD images
- Use the external node to perform additional effects with external programs
- Control line thickness when zooming-in to work on Pencil lines
- Create mattes directly in the Frame View
- Use the network navigator that helps to manage large networks
- Easily pan and zoom in the Network Effects View window
- Automatically connect Network modules, as well as reorder network cables
- Insert Network modules seamlessly between existing modules
- Intuitively drag and drop network modules
- Drag and drop to create Group modules
- Develop your own special effects plug-in using Animate Pro SDK
- Add notes to your network for reminder and collaborative work
- Use the built-in SWF preview for fast check-up
- Enjoy internal real-time preview and external rendered playback
- Play back current scene or external media
- Preview complete scene with synchronized sound
- View frame sequences at full D1 resolution
- Play back at speeds up to 60 fps
- Import PSD and maintain independent layers
- Import QuickTime Movie as an image sequence
- Vector TVG, SWF, PDF, AI
- Audio MP3, WAV, AIFF
- TWAIN support
- Automatic Feeder support (ADF)
- Register peg holes automatically
- Scan your drawings in black and white or greyscale
- Auto-assemble your drawings for paint
- Colour scan pre-coloured drawings and backgrounds
- Auto-splice pan cels (characters and backgrounds)
- Capture nuances of hand-drawn lines (using true-line vectorization and line texture)
- Preserve original line textures such as pencil, crayon or chalk
- Use advanced cleaning tools to remove dirt and hair easily
- Render to any resolution and aspect ratio such as NTSC, PAL, HDTV (Multi Threading and Image management)
- Support Field rendering for interlaced format
- Export video to QuickTime Movie and FLV
- Export vector animation to SWF with effects
- Export image sequence TGA, PSD, PNG, JPG, SGI, IFF
- Render multiple format and elements at the same time

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