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ASSEMBLY Program Promt

ASSEMBLY Program Promt | 1,06 Gb

The structure includes:
* PROMT Professional 9.0.443 + Standard;
* PROMT 4U v9.0.0.397 + Large Electronic Dictionary PROMT VER-Dict 2.0;
* PROMT Professional RePack v9.0.0.397;
* A collection of dictionaries "Giant" 9.0.

System requirements:
* IBM PC-compatible computer with Pentium 500 MHz or higher;
* 64 MB of RAM;
* Monitor and video card SVGA or better resolution;
* Device for reading a CD-ROM CD-ROM (for installation);
* Mouse or compatible device;
Operating system:
o Microsoft Windows 7
o Microsoft Windows Vista
o Microsoft Windows XP Professional with SP2 or higher
o Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, SP4
* Availability. NET Framework 3.0 (installed with the product).

Appendix PROMT for Microsoft Officeť offers:
1. Tab with the translation functions for Microsoft Office 2007.
2. Toolbar for Microsoft Office 2000-2003.
3. Tab with the translation functions for Microsoft Office 2010 (32-bit version).

PROMT 4U version 9.0 + VER-Dict = software suite that includes a text translator and electronic dictionary for quick translations of words from 80 subjects for the Anglo-Russian-English direction and 110 subjects for 6 European languages. Working with him easy and convenient!

We recommend PROMT 4U version 9.0:
* To translate messages in ICQ, Skype, QIP, MSN Messenger
To transfer sites in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox
* For communication in international social networks and online communities
* For a quick understanding of texts and documents written in foreign languages
* To obtain the necessary transfer with minimal
* To translate words and phrases in different subjects

PROMT Professional 9.0 - a business decision to maximize opportunities for quality control of translation. PROMT Professional 9.0 allows you to quickly and easily convert documents, sites, or the message, and create and consolidate corporate database of translated texts, which is handy when working with model documents - for example, treaties or regulations.

We recommend PROMT Professional 9.0:
* For the translation of documents in applications Microsoft Office 2000-2007 (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint) and Adobe (Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Professional)
* For translation of web-resources in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
* To translate messages in ICQ, Skype, QIP, MSN Messenger
* To work with texts that contain specialized or vocabulary and terminology

New in PROMT Professional 9.0:
* Support 4-messengers: ICQ, Skype, QIP, MSN Messenger
* Translation of pdf-files
* A new level of translation quality
* The user interface of the new generation
* A new concept of reference materials

PROMT Standard 9.0 - program for quick translation, with the choice to control the quality of translation. In PROMT Standard 9.0, the user can choose to create additional dictionaries for those areas in which it operates.

We recommend PROMT Standard 9.0:
* To transfer e-mail messages in Microsoft Outlook 2000-2007
* Translation of documents in formats. Pdf,. Rtf.
* To translate messages in ICQ, Skype, QIP, MSN Messenger
* For word processing specialist, technical or sectoral themes

How to activate:
1. Set PROMT Professional 9.0.443 Giant (trial)
2. Replace the file in the folder Register.exe PROTECT (C: \ Program Files \ PRMT9 \ PROTECT) file from the folder Crack, retaining the original.
3. Crack-FFF.exe run from the folder and press the CRC FFF (Apply Patch), enter any serial number and click (Register)
4. Click to activate, choose Manual Activation, enter any activation code and press (Finish)
5. In the folder, delete files PROTECT Register.exe and Register.exe.BAK, return to the place of the original file Register.exe
6.Ustanovit addition of PROMT setup.exe
6. Close the window and start to Use program.


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