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Data: 2 Czerwiec 2011
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Age of Sail 2   Privateer's Bounty (2011/MULTi/PC)

Age of Sail 2 Privateer's Bounty (2011/MULTi/PC) | 601 MB
Developer: Akella | Publisher: Global Star Software
Genre: Historic Real-Time Strategy

"Age Parusnikov 2" will be interesting how fans vargeymov meticulously relating to historical accuracy, and fans of real-time strategy, for which the beautiful graphics and controls are in the foreground. On the one hand, the "Age of Parusnikov 2" contains a large amount of historical material that will be appreciated by connoisseurs, on the other hand, the player can distract from the historical part, and reassign the firing artificial intelligence, a different strategy with a large number of ships and vivid special effects.

And thanks to vary the speed of battle, "The Age Parusnikov 2" combines the advantages of realtime and turn-based strategy - the case is truly unique! "Knights of the Seas offers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the heyday of the sailing fleet, when the traditional principles of shipbuilding had not yet been perfected, but the trends of modern times and technologies are constantly made themselves felt. Romantic world of maritime adventure and political intrigue, massive battles and the sunset of piracy, an ancient maritime tradition, and the first glimmers of the coming era of "big changes" - these are just some fragments of the multifaceted universe of "Knights of the Seas."

The game takes the idea of ??a tactical combat simulator sailing fleet, taking as basis the scheme of warfare "Parusnikov Age II" and, being thus the ideological successor to the Age of sail 2. However, the tasks are challenging for the players this time are not limited to the defeat of the enemy squadron.

Game features :
* Realistic 3D world and amazing sea views that are based on the GPU Storm
* 13 types of warships
* More than a hundred sea battle
* Exciting multiplayer, supporting up to 16 players
* And much more!
* More than 20 types of military units, including the ship, submarine, hot air balloon.
* 3 dynamically developing military campaign.
* Advanced network mode and more than 25 scenarios for multiplayer games.
* Graphic and physical core game - a modernized engine STORM - allows you to simulate large-scale battles in full 3D.
* Powerful mission editor that allows you to create your own campaigns and scenarios.

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