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Autor: Zibert
Data: 1 Czerwiec 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

[PC] Gibo - Stepmother's Sin

[PC] Gibo - Stepmother's Sin | 667 MB | 1 Link

So, there lived a young man with a modest name Yusuki Yagami. Lived, but not tuzhil, and the word "sex" ("sex") knew nothing, even as it is written. (Strange but true). Thus he lived somewhere up to 15 years (more surprisingly), when one event dramatically changed his childish world view. Once returning home earlier than usual from school, he found his mother, very active to change it to his father (that is their own husband). This event is so affected the psyche of an unstable childhood, that very soon our young hero of the word "sex" already knew all that is possible, it is possible but not recommended, and what not, but "you still were not asked (because this is where the dog fumbled!).

Was repeatedly carried out in practice, all anybody could have, especially with his cousin. Cousin, in Russian. His father divorced his mother with nehoroshey, and the next few years, all in the family was fine. My father on business trips (as does the manager of one solid trading firm), synulka alone in the house: As long as something did not happen, another event, which once again turned synulkino outlook: No, no, do not panic - about the word "sex", he forgot: And mine did not come: Just my father married a second time. And the son learned about this very strange way - he returned home, and there is very magnificent woman standing near the door.

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