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Linux AdditionalPack v.11.05 [i386]

Linux AdditionalPack v.11.05 [i386] | 4,63 Gb

Pretty exciting programs that are absent in the standard repositories Linux-distributions;
- Video tutorial guide to work in Linux, as well as electronic versions of popular free magazines and books on topics OSS and Linux.
Programs are provided with full-time installer or delivered in the form of binary assemblies in the archives.
All gathered on the disk software, documentation and logs were obtained from official sources, the authors and are available for free download from their websites.

That from the representation on the disk might interest you:
- On the drive to collect the required material for the training of the system. All material in Russian;
- For those who like anti-virus "as a Windows" (with test files on the fly) is an anti-virus software with graphical interface and are configured using the graphical interface and mouse;
- A package of libraries for WINE and PlayOnLinux scripts that will help you to run any Windows-based applications;
- There is a solution (containing the auxiliary components and hundreds of ready-made exploits), which will allow you to find a flaw in the Windows-computers (servers) that you considered unsinkable and are confident in their reliability. This is the best way to build a solid infrastructure and identify holes in the constructed system;
- If you have recently switched to Linux, you can help ready-made scripts to turn the interface of your Linux-desktop like interface in Windows 7, XP or MacOS;
- A large part of your work is connected with AutoCAD or Kompas3D, then this kit you'll find a decent alternative;
- An additional program to work with scanners that will allow him to run, if you still have it you have not worked;
- You still get dusty printer Canon LBP810/1120 or similar in connection with the transition to Linux-platform? Drivers for Linux are present on this disc will breathe new life into it;
- And more than 30 useful applications and add-ons that will work on the popular Linux-base distributions.

The CD:
- Journal BlenderEmpire
- Newspaper FOSS_News
- Journal FullCircle
- Journal "Mint Linux"
- Journal OpenSource
- Magazine "The practice of functional programming"
- Journal UserAndLINUX
- VR-online magazine

- Install Ubuntu - Installation Guide Ubuntu (general)
- Desktop-course-book-studentguide.pdf - Linux on your computer as your system
- Book: "LINUX UBUNTU for Dummies" and "settings, and the secrets of Linux Ubuntu"
- Licid_Guide.pdf - Guide to Ubuntu 8.10 (not official)
- Ubuntubook.pdf - a book on Ubuntu Linux Operating System

- A guide to 3D modeling BlenderBasics-rus.pdf
- Documentation of QEMU
- Guide to FreePascal
- FullGuide_multimedia.rar - Guide to Multimedia
- LAMP.rar - Guide to installing a server with Apache, MySQL, PHP
- Setting up routing on Linux
- Guide to QGis
- Scribus.pdf - Guide to Publishing System Scribus
- Guide for Stellarium

video tutorials for installing Ubuntu, drawing in GIMP, the restoration of the panel gnome.

Program and additions to the program:
- Areca - Configuration Backup
- Double Commander - a file manager with two panels.
- FamilyTree - Family tree of family
- Metasploit Framework - a platform for building and debugging exploits
- GCAD3D - replacing AutoCAD
- Public Accounting IceB
- InstallBuilder - the creation of installation packages
- Komodo Edit - text editor for dynamic languages
- LuxRender - a powerful rendering system
- Pianoteq - Real piano in your computer!
- SpiceBird - IM, mail, calendar - all in one bottle
- VueScan - handy program to expand opportunities for interaction with a scanner or digital camera.
- WareHouse - storage software
- XnViewMP - View images
- AutoScan Network - designed to detect and manage networked devices.
- DirSyncPro - professional synchronizing folders
- Fidoip - on your computer.
- LinScope - port scanner with enumerating network resources, Windows.
- MEDUSA4 - Personal 2D/3D CAD Suite
- Wink - create presentations and lessons
- XT7-player - frontend for mplayer
- YED - a system of charting

for WINE:
- OCR CuneiForm 12 - free software for OCR, an analog of ABBYY FineReader.
- "GisRX" - navigation system. Works with GPS and without it.
- Map of Kiev in the PWI YarMap
- Additional scripts PlayOnLinux to install the Compass 3D, MS Office 2003, MS Visio 2003 "
- Libraries for WINE

- Firefox Add-ons: 28 pcs.
- Applets for Google Gadget 7 pc.
- Thunderbird add-ons: 17 pcs.
- Themes - Windows 7, XP, MacOS
- Drivers for printers and other Canon LBP-810/1120
- Additional dictionaries for StarDict (rus-eng-ua)

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