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Data: 31 Maj 2011
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Linux Mint 11 "KATYA" x86 DVD (2011)

Linux Mint 11 "KATYA" x86 DVD (2011) | 875 Mb

Linux Mint - distribution of the operating system GNU / Linux, based on Ubuntu. According to the authors, the distribution Linux Mint is compatible with the original Ubuntu, and does not lose its functionality. The developers have made Linux Mint distro Ubuntu in a number of changes, correcting some flaws and weaknesses, and complement the original operating system interface and a number of custom applications (mintInstall, mintUpdate, mintMenu, etc.). On the assurances of authors, new users can easily install the system and immediately get down to work. The motto of the distribution - ?from freedom came elegance? (?freedom privnosyaschaya elegance" or "from freedom to elegance").
Not a lot of release
Clement Lefebvre [Clement Lefebvre] announced the release of Linux Mint distribution, 11 (code name - ?Katya?). The next release of Linux Mint is built on the codebase Ubuntu 11.04, kernel 2.6.38, Gnome 2.32, Xorg 7.6. Software Manager has received an improved user interface, the new splash screen, added the categories of fonts, it displays more precise information about the packages, large icons application categories, improved search. One of the significant improvements made to Update Manager and is associated with handling dependencies. Among the system improvements: added command ?apt download? Plugins and Adobe flash.
System Requirements: Processor 1GHz, 512MB RAM (to include the effects of 1 GB) hard drive 5GB display with a resolution of 800 * 600, CD drive or USB port


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