Autor: champosta
Data: 31 Maj 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Ready VM for Parallels - Fedora 14 + Android SDK(2011)

Ready VM for Parallels - Fedora 14 + Android SDK(2011) | 1,88 Gb

Readyvirtual machine for Parallels Desktop 6, based on Fedora Linux 14 withinstalled and configured AndroidSDK and Android Virtual Device.IncludesEclipse 3.6.1, SDK and documentation for Android 2.2 (remaining blockscompletion of the network through the GUI).Installed all the updates onMay 5, 2011 in Fedora 14.Parallels Tools installed.

Year of manufacture : 2011
Version : Virtual Machine from Parallels 6
Developer : Homemade
Platform : Intel only
System requirements :
Any Macintosh computer with an Intel (1.66 GHz or faster).
At least 1 GB of system memory (2 GB recommended).
About 6GB of free space on HDD to decompress the image.
Language : English Russian
Crack : Not required
Ext. Information :
Iknow that there is a native development environment for Mac OS X, butits a turnkey solution for those who simply want to poke the emulatorand the SDK, without adjustment of the SDK.
Just ideal for students who need Eclipse / Linux.
Login and password for the user:
evilence / qwerty
To root
root / qwerty


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