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National Instruments LabView 2010 SP1 (x32/x64)

National Instruments LabView 2010 SP1 (x32/x64) | 1,7 Gb

LabVIEW (born Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Engineering Workbench) - is a development environment and platform for running programs created in the graphical programming language ŤGť firm National Instruments (USA).
LabVIEW is used in data collection and processing, as well as for managing technical objects and technological processes. LabVIEW ideologically very close to the SCADA-systems, but unlike them focus more on problem solving rather than in the control system as in ASNI.Poslednyaya version of LabVIEW allows the introduction of the code for programming distributed systems with wireless sensors that can professionals to create intelligent industrial systems for measurement and monitoring and offer the latest solutions for the testing of various wireless communication protocols, including WLAN, WiMAX, GPS and MIMO on a single hardware platform.

For more than 20 years of LabVIEW graphical programming environment enables engineers and scientists to use revolutionary methods for delivering scalable solutions for the problems of test, measurement and control. Accumulated during this time, the experience allows you to quickly and cost-effectively implement the interaction between equipment for measurement, control, analyze data, send the results through networking and creating distributed systems.

New features LabVIEW 2010:

Optimized compiler. Your graphics code will be executed much faster by optimizing compiler in LabVIEW 2010.
Custom changes. Thanks to feedback from users of the community LabVIEW Idea Exchange in LabVIEW 2010 were added to the changes that make your programming much easier and more convenient.
Streaming over the network. Use new features in Network Streams for streaming data between distributed network controllers, and host-machines.
Saving compiled code separately from the original VI. By configuring the properties of VI, developers of large projects will be able to save the compiled code separately from sources over which they operate in a given time.
SubVI Inlining. Thanks to the new property VI, you can reduce the run time of your applications by eliminating delays associated with calling SubVI.
Export data to Excel directly from the charts. In LabVIEW, 2010, you can keep on schedule derived data in Excel files with just a few mouse clicks.
Configure the equipment through a web-browser. You can view the properties and configure the equipment connected to your PC using NI Network Browser and ordinary web-browser.
Importing external IP for FPGAs. With the help of the node IP Integration Node you can integrate third-party functions for FPGA, VHDL code or files. Xco, created in Xilinx Core Generator, to their projects LabVIEW FPGA.
Finding and installing drivers for devices. Thanks to the new version of the NI Instrument Driver Finder you can quickly find and download drivers for devices connected to your system and download ready-made examples and projects for the devices.
Packing library projects. Thanks to a new file type. Lvlibp you can save the entire library of project files, as well as its related files and VI, in a single file.

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