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Data: 27 Maj 2011
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BeatKangz Beat Thang Library All Kits KONTAKT

BeatKangz Beat Thang Library All Kits KONTAKT | 1.04 GB

Ever wish you had a user-friendly music making software program so you could crank out your own Platinum-ready beats, tracks and songs? Well, look no further. The first REAL Beat Machine for your computer is here - BEAT THANG VIRTUAL. Beat Kangz Electronics, an independent music technology company, continues the time honored American tradition of ingenuity and innovation by BRINGING HEAT with the fun, easy to use BEAT THANG VIRTUAL. Whether you're a rookie beat maker or a seasoned vet, BEAT THANG VIRTUAL is packed with power, flexibility, effortless operation and value.
Note: Beat Kangz Virtual Beat Thang was designed in a way where the sounds begin from the farthest octave to the left (CO I believe is the first note, and is a kick drum on most of the kits). As a result, if you're on say a 25, 49, or 61 note keyboard, make sure you don't miss out on any sounsd by using the octave plus and minus. So just be aware of that, and do the same thing in the Kontakt virtual keyboard in case you like to sample sounds using it.

Note 2: Those who have used Beat Thang may realise that with this, when you let your finger off a note, the sound stop, unlike Beat Thang which uses full release. You can use a sustain pedal or the "release" knob twaker in Kontakt to remedy this....but you probably already knew that.

BeatKangz Beat Thang Library All Kits KONTAKT

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BeatKangz Beat Thang Library All Kits KONTAKT

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