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OnOne PhotoFrame Professional Edition 4.6.2

OnOne PhotoFrame Professional Edition 4.6.2 | 1,24 Gb

onOnePhotoFrame4.6.2 Professional Edition is the easiest & fastest wayto add theperfect finishing touch or create beautiful photo albums.WithPhotoFrame, you get over 1,000 design elements, like film edges,borders,textures, backgrounds and adornments, to add the perfectfinishing touchto your photos or create an award-winning album layoutdesign for yourclients. It even has complete layouts where you justdrop in your image.PhotoFrame works with Photoshop, Lightroom, andAperture or as astandalone application.
PhotoFrame 4.6.2ProfessionalEdition is the easiest and fastest way to add an authenticdarkroom touchwith a film edge or to create beautiful albums orscrapbook pages. Itincludes all the tools you need to find the perfectdesign elements, addthem to your image and control things like size,color and opacity. Youcan even stack multiple elements to create yourown designs and save themas a preset you can use in a single-clickinside of Photoshop, Lightroomor Aperture.
You can create fullpage layouts inside ofPhotoFrame 4.6.2 Just start with a blank canvasand your images. You canadd a background to the page, then size andreposition your image andthen add elements like frames and adornments.With the New abilities toresize your image layer, the ability to moveelements, such asbackgrounds, under the target layer and rulers andguides it has neverbeen faster to create great looking albums. If youcreate a layout youlove, save it as a preset so you can use it againlike a template.

When you get PhotoFrame 4.6.2, you also get allof the new designelements and layouts that we create every month andmake available as afree download. We are committed to continuallyprovide you with more ofthe content you want at no additional charge.Just buy PhotoFrame and thecontent is free.

Complete Library of DesignElements - Now, it is easier than ever toadd authentic film anddarkroom edge effects to your images. ButPhotoFrame is about more thanjust edges and frames. It includes anextensive library of designelements including edges, frames,backgrounds, textures, adornments, evencomplete page layouts. TheLibrary window gives you a fast way to findthe perfect element andpreview it with your image.

DesignElement Collections -PhotoFrame 4.6.2 includes several new collectionsof design elements.From the Whimsical Collection featuring fresh andbright design elementsthat are perfect for children and family layoutsto the new FamilyEvent Collection that includes elements and layouts forthe specialevents in our lives like birthdays, graduation and holidays.Alsoincluded is the Bohemian collection for high school seniors withadistinct, vintage look.

Create Full Layouts - You cancreatefull page layouts inside of PhotoFrame 4.6.2. Just start with ablankcanvas and your images. You can add a background to the page, thensizeand reposition your image and then add elements like framesandadornments. With the New abilities to resize your image layer,theability to move elements, such as backgrounds, under the targetlayerand rulers and guides it has never been faster to create greatlookingalbums. If you create a layout you love, save it as a preset soyou canuse it again like a template.

Output Your Way - You havetheoption to add design elements to the current layer, or a new layer.Youcan also have each frame rendered to its own layer so you canmakefurther adjustments or masking in Photoshop. You can even apply aframeas a layer mask so you can selectively blend multiple layerstogether.PhotoFrame 4.6.2 adds the ability to output design elements asaclipping mask to the several output methods already available.Clippingmasks are a great way to vary the shape or edge of an imagelayer in aneditable, non-destructive fashion. (note, output options arelimited inApple Aperture).

onOne Panel - The new onOne Panel inAdobePhotoshop allows you to quickly launch PhotoFrame without havingtonavigate through Photoshops menus. But it takes that power evenfartherby giving you access to your favorite presets right from thepanel aswell. This will save time by allowing you to apply your mostfrequentlyused effects right inside of Photoshop.



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