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Data: 27 Maj 2011
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DAF Rapido EPC DVD 04.2011 Multilanguage

DAF Rapido EPC DVD 04.2011 Multilanguage | 6,56 Gb

DAFRAPIDO EPC 04.2011 (Electronic Parts Catalogue) is the most completedocumentation about spare parts and factory accessories for DAF trucksand buses. Electronic spare parts catalogue Daf Rapido contains the fullinformation about spare parts, accessories and additional equipment onall series of lorries DAF, since 70th years, and also the information onaxes and a suspension bracket of trailers (BPW, ROR, SAF, Trailor,Fruehauf).

DAF Rapido include:
Front Axle
Rear Axle
Engine Auxiliaries
Engine Installation
Ancillary Parts
Steering Gear
Brake System
Electric System

Other main features:
Safety Data Sheet
Installation Instructions
Vehicle ID Cards
Rapido Commercial
Printing matters
Parts Bulletins

Inthe program Daf Rapido there is full decoding VIN, search on VIN,models, to number of the engine, the name or number of a detail. Exceptfor it in the program Daf Rapido there are very useful, but functionsextremely seldom meeting in programs, comparison of original numbers ofdetails of two various numbers of the chassis and translation of numbersO.E.M. of manufacturers (used on DAF) in original numbers. Allrestrictions (for one session any quantity of machines and VIN numbersis possible to look) are removed from the program, as against versionssold on the various markets.


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