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Autor: champosta
Data: 26 Maj 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

 AutoCAD Autodesk 2011 Service Pack 2.0 32bit/ 64bit

AutoCAD Autodesk 2011 Service Pack 2.0 32bit/ 64bit | 3,97 Gb

An updated version of the fundamental platform offers a complete set of innovative functional tools in 3D modeling, which can speed up the design work and documentation, as well as share new models and develop design ideas and concepts.

Autodesk, Inc. - The company, the world's largest supplier of software (CAD) systems for industrial and civil construction, engineering, market and media and entertainment. Founded in 1982 by John Walker (John Walker) and twelve other kompanenami, the company's headquarters is located in San Rafael (California), has an office in Russia and CIS countries.

New features of AutoCAD 2011 is called a true technological breakthrough, which will please many millions of users of this software. AutoCAD 2011 has a parameter, and now any changes between objects are supported by user defined relationship, which significantly reduces the time to make changes to the projects.
The emergence of tools to work with arbitrary shapes became possible to create and analyze the most complex three-dimensional objects. In addition, 3D printing is now supported, so it's easier to get prototypes and physical prototypes.
According to numerous requests from international community of users Autodesk (AUGI) in AutoCAD 2011 strengthened, with the format of PDF. PDF files can be used as the substrate, and improved the quality of imports into PDF. This will facilitate data exchange between all interested parties in the project.
AutoCAD 2011 allows you to solve the most complex design problems. Means of creating arbitrary shapes are modeled by a variety of body and surface design verification time is greatly reduced; parametric drawings help to keep on hand all the necessary information. Project ideas can be visualized in PDF, as well as to implement in models obtained by 3D printing. Still no idea when not turned into reality so quickly.

Overview of the major new features:
- The new surface modeling features allow you to easily create a smooth surface, as well as the transitions of one type of cover to another, while maintaining the associative relationships between all objects;
- Support work with the clouds of points (up to 2 million pixels) allows users to quickly visualize the scanned objects directly in the model space;
- Function of this limit allows a designer to specify the necessary constraints in the process of creating a drawing;
- Additions to the Shading command, including gradient fills, make it possible to use the drawings in more colors and shadings and increase the efficiency of drawing as a whole;
- Tools to save time, previously only available on a subscription Autodesk, is now available to all users of AutoCAD.

Primary Issues Resolved by This Update

Problems Reported with the Customer Error Reporting Utility

General Updates:
-. NET API is not always able to create a polyline boundary.
- AutoCAD may become unstable when selecting Perspective in the View Cube context menu.
- 3Dconnexion device may not work properly on a 64 bit Operating System in 2D mode in paper space.
- 3Dconnexion device performance may be slow when zooming and or working in a 2D visual style.
- Extrusions from mesh face path may not be able to follow multiple segment paths correctly.
- Using an API to render AcDbSubDmesh may lose its orientation, scale and original texture mapping.
- AutoCAD may become unstable when editing a drawing with all 3dosnaps enabled.
- AutoCAD may become unstable after using Control Copy and Control Paste, then SAVEAS to R12DXF
- Command line history may display items that were not entered through the command line.
- When trimming polylines and arcs the shape can change and sometimes decurve.
- Polylines may return a negative area if you have used the REVERSE command.
- WBLOCK may be unable to save the drawing to the AutoCAD 2000 file format for "DWG" and "DXF".
- Plotting DWF Classic may be missing lines on the final DWF.
- Drawings rendered in AutoCAD 2012 may display an error when rendered in AutoCAD 2011.
- When rendering a drawing, you may receive an error message about missing assets.
- Input value may not be displayed in the recent input right click menu.
- AutoCAD may become unstable after editing Mtext and then changing viewports.
- Unable to export multi-line attribute values ??with ObjectDBX.
- You may receive an "Invalid Drawing" warning when opening up drawings created on AutoCAD 2011 for the Mac.
- AutoCAD may become unstable when importing a profile that contains a change to the STATUSBAR sysvar.
- Perpendicular Osnap behavior is different when grip editing Lines and grip editing Polylines.
- Drawing files created with non-Autodesk products can now be successfully opened using the COM AcadDocuments:: Open API.
- Some custom lisp routines may run slower than in previous releases.
- Performance may be slow on Windows 7 with selected polylines while zoomed out as far as possible.
- Property Palette may become slow when selecting dimension entities.
- AutoCAD may become unstable when publishing large drawings to PDF.
- Running recover on some DWG files may cause text to move in the DWG.
- Custom menu macros that send numbers to the command line will only work once when entered from the Ribbon.
- AutoCAD may become unstable while editing MTEXT.
- When Workspaces are set to automatically save changes, restarting AutoCAD may result in both the Ribbon and the Command line being turned off.

Title: Autodesk AutoCAD 2011
Version: E.208.0.0 Service Pack 2.0 32bit & 64bit
Language: English, Russian, German
Operating System: Window XP / Vista / Seven


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