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Data: 26 Maj 2011
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World Book v2011 (MacOSX)

World Book v2011 (MacOSX) | 2,59 Gb

With an aggressive annual revision program, NO other print encyclopedia is more up to date. The Spinescape design for The World Book Encyclopedia 2011 -- Emperors of the Ice -- depicts the hardy emperor penguin, which inhabits the coldest, iciest region in the world. During winter, nearly all animals leave Antarctica except the emperor penguin. The emperor is the only bird that spends the winter on Antarctica's open ice. From the ends of the earth to your own backyard, you can rely on World Book for accurate, authoritative information.

Highlights of The World Book Encyclopedia 2011
•Highlighting the edition are new and expanded articles on audio book, crime scene investigation, doping, earthquake, extinction, forensic science, fossil fuel, Generation Y, hip hop, mixed martial arts, among many other topics
•Thousands of new and revised articles provide reliable and current information. Revisions are made throughout the set, across all topics and all types of data
•Comprehension questions, outlines, timelines, and related content lists enhance retention
•More than 27,500 rich photographs and illustrations deliver additional information and visual understanding
•Expert contributors, advisers, editors, and researchers collaborate to ensure that articles are understandable, accurate, and reflect current scholarship
•Articles are accessible to a wide range of readers, beginning with the most basic information, including definitions and pronunciations, and proceeding to explain the most complex topics with clear text and useful images

Release Info
supplier.....: TEAM HOT
release date.: 01/25/2011
type.........: MAC
format.......: ISO
files........: 1DVD

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