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DriverPack Solution 11.0 Final(Multi)

DriverPack Solution 11.0 Final(Multi) | 3,03 Gb

DriverPack 11.0 Final Solution The latest version of the most popular program to automatically install the drivers. This version contains a number of new features and optimized for all platforms (x86 x64), and significantly simplifies the process of reinstalling Windows on almost any computer. You will now be spared the problems of finding and installing drivers, reducing them to a few clicks!
It is a versatile manager to install drivers for all versions of Windows. Unlike the built in features in Windows 7 driver update this program can be used even without the presence of the Internet and find / install drivers for devices not only popular Wender (as is the case with Windows Update).

Program is used:
Home computer users
System administrators
Computer Wizard
Service centers for computer repair
And other people who are often faced with installing / reinstalling Windows

Advantages in using the program:
The interface is friendly and intuitive
Intelligent technology classification drivers
Multiple modes of installation (for the professional to the novice user)
Multi language (does not require linguistic knowledge and effort): English, Russian, Ukrainian, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Azerbaijani, Dutch, Lithuanian
Check the availability of new versions of software (fast and free upgrade)

Functionality DriverPack Solution 11 :
Efficient and quick search for drivers
Installing the drivers on virtually any computer, just a few minutes
Carrying downgrade from Windows Vista to Windows XP (even if the manufacturer has not posted on its website the driver under Windows XP)
Find and download the missing driver from the Internet, according to set parameters of the driver
Quick update an existing set of installed driver to more recent versions
Helping to create and use your own database driver

Key features:
Work with any driver packages (files 7z, zip), for any operating system since Windows XP
Work as a 32 bit and a 64 bit
The ability to group and custom installation of drivers
The ability to process files in batches finish Bashrata
Clear setup program (all options are changed through the settings). All settings are stored in a ini file
Quickly create a database of drivers (the ability to create all databases with one button)
The friendly and responsive interface
See a list of devices for local PC
Viewing oxidase drivers for the driver package
The opportunity to work with any carrier
The ability to add and run from the interface additional tools (to add, use the menu options additional tools). Ie, to some extent can be used as avtoran for your collections
Check for program updates via the Internet
The possibility of silent install
Multi language interface

Benefits of the program can be conventionally arranged in groups most relevant to users

1. Accessibility.
The program is free.
Moreover, unlike other free or shareware programs that you can download it (ordered on CD), without further action: input keys, codes, passwords. Installed full version of the program works correctly and does not require any additional (often very tedious) action, for example, activation of this version.

2. Installation.
Simple, fast, secure.
The installed program will not adversely affect other applications and systems in general. A choice of modes (packet) unit allows users to work with her at various levels of training.

3. Use.
Save time on searching and self install (reinstall) the drivers.
User confidence in the system to work correctly with the new drivers.

4. Update.
Ability to automatically find and install new drivers and useful utilities.

5. Result.
Saves time, effort, money and other resources.
The effective work of computer systems, no problems during the installation of new equipment, increasing the productivity of already installed equipment.

List of drivers:
DP_CardReaders_wnt6 x64_1002
DP_Chipset_wnt6 x64_1103
DP_LAN_wnt6 x64_1103
DP_MassStorage_wnt6 x64_1103
DP_Misc_wnt6 x64_1011
DP_Modem_wnt6 x64_1101
DP_Monitors_wnt6 x64_1102
DP_Printers_wnt6 x64_1010
DP_Sound_Creative_wnt6 x64_1011
DP_Sound_Others_wnt6 x64_1103
DP_Sound_Realtek_wnt6 x64_1103
DP_Touchpad_Mouse_wnt6 x64_1101
DP_TV_Aver_wnt6 x64_1102
DP_TV_Beholder_wnt6 x64_1102
DP_TV_Others_wnt6 x64_1102
DP_USB_wnt6 x64_1103
DP_Video_ATI_wnt6 x64_1102
DP_Video_Hybrid_wnt6 x64_1103
DP_Video_Intel_wnt6 x64_1103
DP_Video_nVIDIA_wnt6 x64_1102
DP_Video_Others_wnt6 x64_1007
DP_WebCam_wnt6 x64_1103
DP_WLAN_wnt6 x64_1103
DP_CardReaders_wnt6 x86_1001
DP_Chipset_wnt6 x86_1103
DP_LAN_wnt6 x86_1103
DP_MassStorage_wnt6 x86_1103
DP_Misc_wnt6 x86_1011
DP_Modem_wnt6 x86_1101
DP_Monitors_wnt6 x86_1102
DP_Printers_wnt6 x86_1010
DP_Sound_Creative_wnt6 x86_1011
DP_Sound_Others_wnt6 x86_1103
DP_Sound_Realtek_wnt6 x86_1103
DP_Touchpad_Mouse_wnt6 x86_1101
DP_TV_Aver_wnt6 x86_1102
DP_TV_Beholder_wnt6 x86_1102
DP_TV_Others_wnt6 x86_1102
DP_USB_wnt6 x86_1103
DP_Video_ATI_wnt6 x86_1102
DP_Video_Hybrid_wnt6 x86_1103
DP_Video_Intel_wnt6 x86_1103
DP_Video_nVIDIA_wnt6 x86_1102
DP_Video_Others_wnt6 x86_1007
DP_WebCam_wnt6 x86_1101
DP_WLAN_wnt6 x86_1103
DP_Broadband_wnt5_x86 32_1005
DP_Chipset_wnt5_x86 32_1101
DP_HID_wnt5_x86 32_1101
DP_LAN_wnt5_x86 32_1102
DP_MassStorage_wnt5_x86 32_1102
DP_Misc_wnt5_x86 32_1011
DP_Modem_wnt5_x86 32_1101
DP_Monitor_wnt5_x86 32_1102
DP_Phone_wnt5_x86 32_1002
DP_Printers_wnt5_x86 32_1010
DP_Sound_CMedia_wnt5_x86 32_1101
DP_Sound_Conexant_wnt5_x86 32_1102
DP_Sound_Creative_wnt5_x86 32_1101
DP_Sound_Others_wnt5_x86 32_1102
DP_Sound_Realtek_wnt5_x86 32_1102
DP_Sound_Sigmatel_wnt5_x86 32_1102
DP_Sound_SndMax_wnt5_x86 32_1102
DP_Sound_VIA_wnt5_x86 32_1103
DP_TV_Aver_wnt5_x86 32_1102
DP_TV_Beholder_wnt5 x86 32_1102
DP_TV_Others_wnt5_x86 32_1102
DP_USB_wnt5_x86 32_1103
DP_Video_ATI_wnt5_x86 32_1102
DP_Video_Hybrid_wnt5_x86 32_1103
DP_Video_Intel_wnt5_x86 32_1103
DP_Video_nVIDIA_wnt5_x86 32_1102
DP_Video_Others_wnt5_x86 32_1101
DP_Virtual_PCs_wnt5_x86 32_902
DP_WebCam_wnt5_x86 32_1101
DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86 32_1102
DP_Bluetooth_wnt5_x86 32_910
DP_UAA_wnt5_x86 32_1006
Printers_HP universialPCL5
Printers_HP universialPCL6

Releases released: 2011
Language: Multilingual


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