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Autor: champosta
Data: 23 Maj 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Psychoactive Audio Program [14 CD] (WAV)

Psychoactive Audio Program [14 CD] (WAV) | 7,76 Gb

CD HEALING: The Magic River is a nature sounds (noise of a brook, rain, wind, birds, cicadas) with the imposition of a special healing music.
Sounds of Nature treated with a special sound processor to adjust the body to the natural frequency of the Earth's ionosphere, which varies with specific frequencies (the so-called Schumann resonance frequencies) under the action of the solar wind.
And as for the synchronization of the bioelectrical activity of the hemispheres of the brain to adjust the body to work with the healing music.
Healing music is superimposed on the sounds of nature, contains high-frequency modulated sounds, plus exactly matched (with a unique modern electronic equipment), binaural beats to promote entry into the special meditative state in which the self-healing of the human body.
The musical material is built based on fractal mathematics and the Golden Section, which prevents the physiological addiction.
As a result, the program not only helps to regenerate the body from various ailments, but also harmonizes the energy sector, providing optimum energy balance, as well as trains and stimulates the brain to a highly productive activity.
High frequency sound directly interact with specific areas of the brain, causing a biochemical response in the production of hormones and neyroregulyatornyh peptides, resulting in a significant improvement in various brain functions and as a result - to improve health.
Electromagnetic pollution (television, radio, microwave, electric wiring in the walls of buildings) can knock down the human body with the natural rhythm. As a consequence, may experience a variety of cardiovascular disorders, low immunity, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc.
Sounds program literally shield you from a variety of electromagnetic pollution of the surrounding space, because the body during the entire evolution tuned to this rhythm and quickly returns to him in the presence of even a weak pacemaker.
This is a deeply meditative and healing sounds, allowing a very good rest after a heavy physical, emotional and mental stress. Need for sleep is reduced by 1-3 hours (depending on the dept). Athletes who listened to this disc immediately after intense training or competition, noted the absence of the second day of pain in the muscles and the state of "weakness." On the contrary - there is a high vitality and fun movements.
People who are regularly engaged with this drive for about a month, celebrated with the following changes:

• increased ability for self-improvement;
• strengthening of the humoral immune and energy systems of the body;
• Detoxification of the body;
• disappearance of tinnitus;
• freedom from hypersensitivity to sounds;
• Improve short-term and long-term memory;
• improving ability to focus;
• improving ability to simultaneously perform different tasks;
• Increased creativity;
• ability to think faster than before;
• expanding the range of sound perception;
• improving ability to learn and understand foreign languages;
• Increased self-confidence, reduce anxiety, and freedom from unreasonable fears;
• Experience in Managed dreams;
• Improving fine motor skills and overall ability to manage his own body (professional musicians, dancers, martial arts, drivers of vehicles);
• increasing vigor and vitality during the day and improve the quality of sleep a night (reduced need for sleep);
However, it should immediately be noted that any improvement comes after a more or less a short period of exacerbation of negative symptoms (generally speaking, this phenomenon is typical for all natural methods of healing).


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