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Data: 23 Maj 2011
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Navigator Navitel (2011MULTILANG) + All Maps

Navigator Navitel (2011MULTILANG) + All Maps | 5,18 Gb

Navitel Navigator - a unique and accurate navigation system that includes free service Navitel.Probki, data on traffic police surveillance cameras (SPEEDCAM), three-dimensional model of road junctions and important buildings architecture. In the presence of a huge database of useful objects POI. Users are also available official detailed maps of Ukraine and Belarus, with the support service Navitel.Probki throughout the maps.

- Simple, intuitive interface and customizable.
- Voice of reference for automatically created route.
- Alert local attention (SPEEDCAM).
- Level-crossings, "speed bumps".
- Automatic selection of time zone.
- Length of trip distance, time, motion and speed.
- Record your tracks and waypoints.
- Export / Import tracks.
- Export / import routes.
- Export tracks to routes.
- The direction of movement to a given point with the prediction of arrival time.
- Ability to manage the program without the stylus.
- Ability to select voices from the 3-voice packets.
- Ability to select skin file.
- Ability to use informal cards.

What's new in Navitel Navigator 5 for Windows Mobile:
- Improved algorithm for constructing routes;
- Improved analysis of the maneuvers in the construction of the route;
- Improved interface Navitel;
- Optimized loading and displaying information from the service "Navitel.Probki;
- Support for the new format cards nm3 with fast indexing;
- Added display of temporary closures (through the service "Navitel.Probki);
- Added sensitivity setting of care with the route;
- Added additional customization autoscale when driving along the route;
- Alterations to the map lists and other interface elements.
- And also made other changes that improve stability and speed Navitel Navigator for navigation devices


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