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Data: 20 Maj 2011
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Rosetta  Stone v3.4.5 + Languages &  MagicISO

Rosetta Stone v3.4.5 + Languages & MagicISO | 4,74 Gb

You install the rosetta stone program from the program folder in the file folder you just downloaded. When its at the Completed installing screen it will have a check box in the lower left cner that says (launch rosetta stone) uncheck and click finish then go to the ***** folder in the file folder you just downloaded then to the win folder and right click copy on (RosettaStoneVersion3) then go to "my computer Hard Disk C program files Rosetta Stone Rosetta Stone Version 3 then right click paste and it will basically say replace this one with that one click yes.
Now go to the MagicISO folder in the file folder you just downloaded and run Setup_MagicISO when its done installing open the program and when it askes "register now" click yes and go to the MagicISO folder in the file folder you just downloaded there should be a text document that says (Serials) open it and copy paste the name in the name spot and copy paste the key in the key spot click register and it should register now go back to the MagicISO folder and install (setup_magicdisc_mount). Dont need to register this one since you registered the other one.
Now go to the Languages folder in the file folder you just downloaded and to the Spanish V3 (latin american) folder. Now the iso files should all have little disk icons to the left of them. Now right click on the first file and go to the MagicISO option and then at the top of that option there will be another option that says (Mount Spanish V3 (Latin American) level 1.iso) hover over that and another option will pop up to the very right go there and click on that one it says No Media. now it is mounted a window will open and folders will appear close the window.
Now open Rosetta stone from the start menu programs. it will ask to install language packs. Click add a Language Level. now it will tell you to Please Insert The Laguage CD in the CD-ROM drive.Since you mounted that one file it thinks its a CD in you CD-ROM cool huh so click continue now it will start searching when it finds it it will say install selected language click it. then another menu will pop up saying (Install language files to location) click Accept. It will begin to install language pack. After it installs that one it will ask Add Another Language Level Continue. you can continue if you want you can install another language pack if you decide to install another one you have to unmount that one file and mount another file.
Here is how you unmount....go to (My Computer) and on your CD Drive there will be a CD icon with the lable (es-419_L1) right click on it go to MagicISO and unmount all drives. Now its unmounted then go back to the file folder you just downloaded. and go to the language folder then to the Spanish V3 folder right click on level 2 and go to MagicISO and mount that one.
Remember next time you open it it will say register now register later register never. click never. Plus if it ever says there is an update and if you want to install the update f rosetta stone version 3 click no remind me later just don't update.

Rosetta Stone version 3.4.5 program with cr_ack and language packs(French German Italian & Spanish(Latin American) plus.....MagicISO Maker v5.5 with Magic Disc Mount and Serials.


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