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Data: 16 Maj 2011
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BackTrack 5 "Revolution" (x86/x64)

BackTrack 5 "Revolution" (x86/x64) | 1,06 Gb

BackTrack - GNU / Linux-LiveCD, arising as a result of a merger WHAX and Auditor Security Collection. The project created Mati Aharoni (Mati Aharoni) and Max Moser (Max Moser). Intended primarily for testing for safety. Linux-distro BackTrack is based on Ubuntu Linux and is interesting in that it includes a wide variety of tools designed for professionals in the field of IT security. Among them, for example, Metasploit, Kismet, Nmap, Wireshark (previously - Ethereal) and Ophrack, as well as a large collection of various exploits. In this case, BackTrack, which is especially important for these distributions, does not require installation on your hard disk and can run in live mode (LiveCD / LiveUSB).

Among the features and innovations of today's release of BackTrack five authors identify:
• Support for 32 - and 64-bit systems
• BackTrack base image for the ARM architecture
• graphical desktop environments KDE 4.6 and GNOME 2.26; Metasploit 3.7.0
• support in the 32 - and 64-bit builds of two modes: ŤForensicsť and ŤStealthť (generates no network traffic)
• Additional information:
To log in use

bt login: root Password: toor

To start the GUI


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