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Apple Final Cut Pro 7FULL and Plugin Pack

Apple Final Cut Pro 7FULL and Plugin Pack | 3,55 Gb

Those plugin are to extract with a program called "" StuffIt Expander ""

Apple Final Cut Pro 7FULL and Plugin Pack

You need to download it from "" _ "" in order to extract this torrent once downloaded .

When done you will have :

- Boris FX 8.0
- Buena Software - Au Naturel 1.1
- Buena Software - Dissolve Factory
- CGM DVE Vol.1.1
- CGM DVE Vol.2+
- CGM DVE Vol.3+
- CHV 3D Collections
- Some Colors Bar Plugins
- Some Credits Plugins
- DigiEffects - Aurorix 2.7
- DigiEffects - Beserk
- DigiEffects - CineLook
- DigiEffects - CineMotion
- Digital Anarchy - Psunami 2.0
- DTF 55mm v3.0
- DV Matte Pro
- Eureka Collection
- Jitterbug
- Joe's Filters v3.5
- Magic Bullet For Editors 1.0
- Natress - Free
- Natress - Retail
- Stibscripts1.1

1.) Run "Install Final Cut Pro"
2.) Install the software. (Do Not give up your real names and that shit)
3.) When asked about a serial, copy one from below and paste in.
4.) Enjoy, Your Welcome.

Release Name.........: Final Cut Pro
Release Version......: v7
Release Date………: 2010

Type...........: Video editing software
Developer......: Apple Inc.
Platform.......: Mac OS X
Language.......: English



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