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Data: 7 Maj 2011
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FreeBSD 8.2  (DVD / 1xCD / LiveFS / USB IMG / BootOnly)

FreeBSD 8.2 (DVD / 1xCD / LiveFS / USB IMG / BootOnly) | 4,06 Gb

FreeBSD -like operating system, a descendant of AT & T Unix under the BSD, the Berkeley. FreeBSD runs on PC-compatible systems, families of x86, including Microsoft Xbox, as well as the DEC Alpha, Sun UltraSPARC, IA-64, AMD64, PowerPC, NEC PC-98, ARM. Preparing to support architecture MIPS.
FreeBSD is developed as an integrated operating system. Kernel source code, device drivers and basic user programs (so called. Userland), such as shells, etc., contained in one tree, version control systems (up to May 31, 2008 - CVS, now - SVN). This differs from the FreeBSD Linux - another free UNIX-like operating system - in which the kernel is developed by one group of developers, and a set of custom programs - other (eg, the project GNU), and numerous groups gather it all together and released in the form of various distributions Linux.

FreeBSD has well established itself as a system for building intranet and internet servers. It provides a fairly reliable network services and efficient memory management.

In addition to its stability, FreeBSD, and is popular due to its license, which differs significantly from the widely known license GNU GPL - it allows you to use the code, not only in free software, but also in a proprietary. In contrast to the GNU LGPL, which also allows the use of free code in a closed program, the BSD license more simple and short.

-Improved support for Xen HVM in FreeBSD/amd64 and Xen PV in FreeBSD/i386.
-ZFS on-disk format has been updated to version 15
-Aesni (4) driver for Intel AESNI crypto instruction set
Updated, BIND, and OpenSSL
-Gnome has been updated to 2.32.1
-KDE updated to 4.5.5

Title : FreeBSD
Version : 8.2 (DVD +1xCD + LiveFS + USB IMG + BootOnly)
License : Other


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