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Visual  Utilities Mega Tweakers Pack v1.0 - Marlboro

Visual Utilities Mega Tweakers Pack v1.0 - Marlboro | 4,19 Gb

The package is made in a manner simple enough for anyone to not encounter difficulties in finding, installing, running a theme / app / shell.For Windows Vista SP1-SP2 - Win 7

Windows 7
160 Dream Scene Windows Vista 7
Luna Aero - Win 7 Theme
Aduceti noului Windows 7 lookul XP ului batran dar intr-o versiune revigorata
Plus Patch to Enable Dreamscenes and functions in Win 7
Windows 7 - Michael Jackson Theme
Windows 7 Themes
Windows Vista
Top 10 Beautifull Windows Vista Themes
Vista Live Skin Packs
Windows Vista Gadgets for Sidebar
!For Windows XP SP2-SP3
Themes - Shells
* Shells *
* Themes *
Transformation Packs
Fedora Transformation Pack 1.0
Leopard Transformation Pack
Purple Windows 3.0
Seven Transformation Pack 3.0
Vienna Transformation
Vista Transformation Pack 9.0.1
Customisation Tools
- special thanks to icx for being so kind and providing some tools
All in One Customization Pack
nLite 1.4.9
NSIS 2.45
Resource Editor
Universal silent switch finder
Virtualtek ADD-ON maker
WinXP SP3 Deploy Tools
XP Preview
XP un Tools
UXTheme Patchers
For Windows Vista SP1-SP2 - Windows 7
Uxtheme Patchers x64 And X86
For XP SP2-SP3
Uxtheme Multi Patcher 6.0
360 Desktop v0.5.4.1479
Active Desktop Calendar 7.60 Build 080923
Aquarium Screensaver 2.6
Moo0 RightClicker Pro v1.26
Portable Webshots Downloader Premium Edition
Stardock Windows Blinds 6.4
True Transparency
Vista Drive Icon 1.3
Vista Rainbar - Sidebar -Best Alternative
Webshots Desktop
!Aplication - Handwriting II
100 Western Font Pack
500 Fonts W5A US
10000 Fonts in One
Best Commercial Fonts
Blambo Fonts
Blood Fonts Pack
Bloody & Horror Fonts
Bloody Fonts
Counterfeit Fonts
Fonts Pack 2007
Grafitti Fonts 1
Grafitti Fonts 2
Handwriting Fonts
Most Expensive Fonts
Precious Fonts
Top 100 Dafont Fonts
Icons (for XP and Vista)
250 Best Vista Icons
Black Vista Icons
Vista Glass Folders
Vista Green Glass Folder Concept Icons
Some special wallpapers (not included in default or Web Resources).


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