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Data: 3 Maj 2011
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XLN Audio  Complete Versions (2011)

XLN Audio Complete Versions (2011) | 5,01 Gb

The Heavy Rock MIDI Pak gives you 100+ all new modern style heavy rock MIDI Beats and Grooves for you to use in your music.Included are 10 different Heavy Rock Beats in different tempos and feels with 5 different variations each: Crash, open hihat, ride,hihat shaft and crash with rimshots on the snare.

Additionally you get 10 Heavy Rock Songs which are longer and made out of intro, verse, chorus, bridge and middle 8 parts. All in different tempos and feels. Check out the audio demos to listen to some of the beats and grooves. Get rockin!

Heavy Rock MIDI Pak is available for purchase in our webshop and costs 12 Euro / 12 USD.

Let the rhythm take you away to a warmer place, where troubles are far away and the bar has happy hour, every hour.

The Latin Afro MIDI Pak is a unique mix of the rythms of Latin America and the Afro Beat culture. Included are 220 live recorded MIDI grooves in both 6/8 and 4/4 time signatures, in different feels, tempos and lengths.

Once installed you will have full access to all kitpieces, beats and presets from the Funk ADpak for ten days. This gives you a granite sparkle Pearl Reference kit with cymbals from Sabian and Paiste. The Funk ADpak contains 400 grooves and 30 crisp production presets. When the test period has expired you can simply choose to remove the Funk ADpak and get on with your mundane life. Or purchase a license to keep the funk going and the grooves flowing!
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