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Autor: champosta
Data: 2 Maj 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

MAC OSX Retail  DVD Snow Leopard V10-6 Intel BestRips

MAC OSX Retail DVD Snow Leopard V10-6 Intel BestRips | 6,03 Gb

How to install

from DVD:
-burn the image using Disk Utility in OSX
-pop in the disk and start "Mac OS X Installation" and follow the instructions as usual or
-pop in disk and reboot your Mac holding down "C" on the keyboard to dirctly boot from the DVD and install as usual

from USB thumb drive or iPod:

-open disk utility
-select your USB drive
-choose restore from the tabs on top
-drag the image over the "source" field or use the "Image" button next to it to navigate to your image
-as target drag and drop your usb drive into the "target" field
-check erase target volume (not necessary but just to be sure )
-hit restore and wait
-reboot your mac with your usb drive plugged in
-hold the option key on bootup and choose your USB drive as startup device
-install as usual

from external HDD:
-add a 8GB partition to your drive (only recommended if youre using GUID as aprtition sheme -otherwise you would have to delete the whole drive or use something like partition magic in windows)
-restore your image to that partition and go on the same way as with an usb thumb drive
RAM minimum: 1GB


Proper image, containing the BootCamp partition:
0: Apple_partition_scheme *7.2 Gi disk4
1: Apple_Driver_ATAPI 986.5 Mi disk4s2
2: Apple_HFS Mac OS X Install DVD 6.3 Gi disk4s3
3: Apple_partition_map 30.0 Ki disk4s1

MD5 = a98ed4f5b730f384cca66ae026974009
SFV = 93D39FFA

Confirmed: $29 Snow Leopard Installs Whether or Not You've Got Leopard.
This means the $29 Snow Leopard DVD isn't an "upgrade" at all; it's the full-on Mac OS X operating system.
Better, faster, easier.
Snow Leopard enhances your entire Mac experience. In ways big and small, it gets faster, more reliable, and easier to use.
Activate Exposi?? right from the Dock.
Wake from sleep and shut down your Mac faster than before.
Install it more quickly and get back 7GB of disk space.
Enjoy dozens more refinements for everything from iChat to Preview and more.
Next-generation technologies.
New core technologies in Snow Leopard unleash the power of todayi??s advanced hardware and prepare Mac OS X for future innovation.
64-bit support, the next big step for the Mac. All key system applications are now 64-bit so they can take advantage of all the memory in your Mac.
Grand Central Dispatch, a revolutionary new way for software to get the most from multicore processors.
OpenCL, a new technology that unleashes the power of graphics processors to accelerate application performance.

And so much more.
QuickTime X New
Out-of-the-box support for Microsoft Exchange New
Safari 4 New
Universal Access New
You do not need any key for this DVD.
I install it 2 min ago and this is working 100%

MAC OSX Retail  DVD Snow Leopard V10-6 Intel BestRips

Enjoy to who ever get it looks really good and work smooth

(Just do not want you waste your time to find another version cause i am very sure about this version from my upload - Thanks [EMAIL="[email protected]"][email protected][/EMAIL] support for that)
Thanks! I successfully installed Snow Leopard from TIGER!! So if anyone was wondering if it works, it def DOES.. I used my external hard drive, so if anyone has any questions, try messaging me
Works perfectly on my mac book. I had to do a device install though, because I had no dual-layer dvds around XD
Thanks worked fine, remember if you're using a flash drive instead of a dl dvd to format the flash drive to hfs+ then use disk utilities to copy the image over.
U r a genius. This works perfect.
thanks. if it works on my pc, i'll be great.

- You don't need to wipe the drive, you can do an upgrade without a problem/worry of losing data.
- The file is 6.14GB ... You will definitely need a Dual Layer DVD if you want to burn it, but if you are already on Apple hardware, then you can just use Disk Utility to restore the image to a hard drive or flash drive. Just make sure the drive has more than 6.14GB as the partition.
- You can burn the DMG file using PowerISO ( directly, rather than converting it. Either way though, if your headstrong on burning it, you must use a Dual Layer DVD.
- With the client version of OS X (10.0 - 10.6 at the time of this post) there is no need for a serial key, nor activation. However, Apple does keep track of their DVD images. If a DVD has been installed on many computers, you will not be able to run Software Updates after their limit has been reached. I don't know off the top of my head what that limit is, however, a quick Google search will bring it up.
- You can't install directly to a PC. There is a project called Hackintosh, that rips the DVD and allows you to install it on the PC, by injecting certain boot files necessary for the PC to boot from the DVD. The easiest way I know is to look for Kalyway on Google. There is a LOT of material out there of how to do this.
- You can use PowerISO (Google it ... should be to mount the image onto a drive, or burn it.
Good luck to all
Thanks i hope all enjoy.....
This is the retail version you can install this anywhere you like


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