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Data: 30 Kwiecień 2011
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Multiboot Reanimator BootCD ShelDer v.3.0

Multiboot Reanimator BootCD ShelDer v.3.0 | 701 Mb

This CD is intended primarily for repair and restoration work on the computer and installing the system in normal and silent mode. Collected from all the best that is possible to find (build SamLab, FuckYouBill, MegaSeven-boot, Hiren's BootCD, SV-MicroPE, etc.). Drive maximum flexibility. With this disc you can put the system as well as to repair it. Universal indispensable tool for system administrators, maintenance staff, technicians, advanced (well, not only) users.

Ext. Information:
>> The disk has a boot from the LiveCD and emergency boot disc: ERD Commander 2005 (the built-in help there are instructions to remove the banners and Trojan.Winlock: magazine articles Hacker: Bloch blockers: a complete manual on counter-blockers.), WIM-assembly LiveCD SV-MicroPE 2k10 PlusPack; MSDOS 7.10 (+ USB, + NTFS), FreeDOS (+ USB, + NTFS, + HHD-utility).
>> Utility to restore, copy, layout, formatting the hard drive: Acronis Disk Director, MHDD, Victoria, HDD Bad Sector repair, DiskGenius, Grub4Dos, Isolinux etc.
>> Utilities testing and diagnostic hardware (RAM, video, CPU, HDD): MemTest86, MemTest86 +, Windows Memory Diagnostic, Video Memory test, AIDA 1.6, HWiNFO 5.5.2 ...
>> A variety of utilities password reset BIOS, Windows XP/VISTA/2003/2000/NT: Active @ Password Changer, CIA Commander, Windows Key Enterprise, etc. Access to the registry NT-systems

>> Installing the Russian version of Windows XP Pro SP3 Corporate Edition from the original distribution, Windows XP Professional with SP2 from Microsoft, c integrated SP3. Installation is possible in three modes: standard, automatic before creating an account, a fully automatic (using response files).
>> In the folder Utilit there are many small programs (CpuZ, avz, aswclnr, HDTunePro, Utilities Mark Russinovich, Windows debug, etc.) and some useful information. Also a lot of interesting things can be found in the folder-Help-, which was derived from SV-MicroPE 2k10 PlusPack and supplemented.

Installing Windows XP Pro SP3 Ru (options:)
>> Try Us original distribution Windows XP Professional with SP2 from Microsoft, c integrated SP3
>> A typical installation - a typical installation of the system with all the issues with its help you can get into XP Recovery Console, and also be able to restore the system by pressing the "R" in the second query about this setup program
>> Automatic (to account) - allows you to choose a hard disk partition and format it in the desired file system and then will not ask any more questions until the end of installation to supply a user name. Used loader - Setupldr1.bin, an answer file - winn1.sif
> Fully automatic installation - allows to choose a hard disk partition and format it in the desired file system and then will not ask any more questions until the end of the installation. Automatically create the User with Administrator rights and provides automatic entry into this uchetku. After that primenyuyatsya minor registry tweaks (keyboard, etc.), the choice of theme "Energy Bliss", the screen resolution 1024 * 768 is formed file oeminfo.ini. Tweaks tweaks.cmd run from the folder $ Oem $ \ $ $ \ on the CD. Used loader - Setupldr2.bin, an answer file - winn2.sif


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