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Data: 27 Kwiecień 2011
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VAS PC v.18.01.01 (2011)

VAS PC v.18.01.01 (2011) | 2,62 gb

VAS 5054A interface is used to diagnose vehicle group VAG (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat) at the dealership level for all on-board diagnostics. VAS 5054 connects the car with a laptop / PC via a Bluetooth interface, the application of the cable is not required.

The range of a wireless Bluetooth connection, depending on environmental conditions and use of the PC Bluetooth adapter is 5 - 10 meters.
VAS 5054 user interface works with the original software VAS PC and functionally performs the same functions as the original device VAS 5052, using a regular computer.
VAS 5054 - vas PC v18
VAS-PC Base CD Version 18.01.00
Audi CD 18.27 (12.2010) English
VW CD 18.08 (2.2011) English
Seat CD 18.65 (1.2011) English
Skoda CD 18.43 (10.2010) English
Installation Instructions about VAS-PC Version 18.00:
1.Istall the Base CD
2.Reboot your machine
3.Run - Install VAG VAS-PC HotFix For Version 18.00
4.Run VAS-PC wait a little bit and then close it. Re-run it and then OK
5.Go to Administration and put your details for Menus ACTIVATION !!!!!
1) 123 Then Q 2) 12345 Then Q 3) Whatever name you want, it
hase to be and in two lines then Q
Also about the Numbers use whatever you think or you want ...
6.Run - Install the PATCH 18.01.00 Base CD (7.2010)
7.Reboot your machine
8.Re-Run Re-Install VAG VAS-PC HotFix For Version 18.00
9.Run - Install the PATCH 18.01.01
10.Now, install ALL the Brand CD's
Ext. Information:
Interfaces, VAS 5054 supports the following protocols:
K-Line (ISO 9141-2)
High-speed CAN (ISO 11898-2)
Low-speed bus CAN (ISO 11898-3)
J1850 (SAE J1850)
Specifications VAS 5054:
Dimensions: 114x48x25 mm,-USB cable: 1 m
Weight: 100 g,
Supply voltage: 8 ... 18 V, on-board vehicle network
Current consumption: approx. 200 mA at 12 V
PC specifications: Bluetooth V1.2, class 2 (range max. 10 m), USB V2.0 full speed, 12 Mbit / smini USB socket type B
Customizable settings: automatic shut-off time, the inclusion in the presence of a signal from the ignition


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