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Data: 27 Kwiecień 2011
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Worms Armageddon Exclusive Mega Pack (1999/Eng)

Worms Armageddon Exclusive Mega Pack (1999/Eng) | 2.55 GB

Worms Armageddon Exclusive Mega Pack (1999/Eng)
Year: 1999 | English | PC Game | Developer: Team17 Software Limited | Publisher: Hasbro Interactive | 2.55 GB
Genre: Action / Arcade / turn-based strategy

Many of us when they hear the name of Worms, tenderly remember those wonderful times when we were building these reckless and Funny worms. Many people probably think that the worms are gone from our lives? But in reality it is not so! Worms live thanks to their fans, who every day fight in the British global server Worms worms Armageddon.Vasha team will do everything that you would not bring a huge collection of weapons, manners of movement and playful exclamations accompany you throughout the game. Spread the opponent to the wall and not leave him no chance! After all, this is Worms Armageddon

Features Puck:
Compatible with Windows 7
Added patches for the golden guns + Update
� In the chat games, and everywhere you can print in Russian, and he can see you
� The ability to play online and create their hosts (the game) without having a dedicated IP
� WormKit + all modules are compatible with the latest update (the team will describe below)
RubberWorm, Kick, and other modules
� A good editor for the schemes (SchemeWorks)
� Profile Editor (TeamEd), contains no virus!
� 2800 sorted into folders for cards of different game modes
� 670 additional ozvuchek for worms
� Plans settings for all modes of games
� Program for the discovery of gold weapons and bonuses (FWunlock)
� Many more graves
� Mega instruction from me below

System requirements:
Operating system: Windows all
Processor: 166 Mhz or higher
RAM: 64 MB or more
Video: 4 MB or more
Hard disk space: 600 MB or more
Internet: 32 kbit or higher - no restrictions and keys.
Mouse, keyboard.

Download Worms Armageddon Exclusive Mega Pack (1999/Eng):

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