Autor: champosta
Data: 26 Kwiecień 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Samples Collection (Kontakt,WAV) [16 Vol]

Samples Collection (Kontakt,WAV) [16 Vol] | 1,6 Gb

Welcome to the PROSAMPLES series, a combined effort from three of the World's most critically acclaimed Soundware developers, BEST SERVICE, EASTWEST, and ZERO-G, to bring you a series of high quality sample libraries, in seven different formats in one package, to ensure that each PROSAMPLES volume is compatible with all of your sampling software and hardware. The PROSAMPLES series includes material from sample libraries that have already received thirty international awards!

ProSamples vol.01 - Hip Hop & RnB 1 [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.02 - Hip Hop & RnB 2 [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.03 - Drum & Bass 1 [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.08 - World Vocals [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.10 - House [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.12 - Dance Vocals [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.14 - World Grooves [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.15 - Dance Drums [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.17 - Guitar Licks [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.19 - Pop Brass [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.20 - Orchestral Brass [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.24 - Breakbeat [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.25 - Pop & Funk Brass [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.47 - Breakbeat 3 [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.48 - Disco Fever [Kontakt, WAV]
ProSamples vol.49 - FX-Area [Kontakt, WAV]


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