Autor: champosta
Data: 23 Kwiecień 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Mac OSX Lion 11A419 Developer Preview 2 (Mar. 30th, 2011)

Mac OSX Lion 11A419 Developer Preview 2 (Mar. 30th, 2011) | 3,06 Gb

Launchpad the iOS styled App launcher is actually useable and stable now.

Mac OSX Lion 11A419 Developer Preview 2 (Mar. 30th, 2011)

The sleep mode which gave me a lot of trouble in the developer preview 1 works now perfect again.

A quick test with Portal shows improved graphic performance, i gonna make detailed benchmarks soon.

The Finder is more responsive and seems as stable as in Snow Leopard.

A new iTunes version 10.2.2b2 (4)

Overall the system is faster, more stable and in my humble opinion ready for a gold master.

Remember this is pre-released software. There will be many bugs and you could lose all your data! Always backup your data!

Mac computer with an Intel 64bit (Core 2 Duo, i3, i5, and i7) processor.

1. Mount or burn image to disc.
2. Can either run the installation while running Leopard or Snow Leopard or boot from disc.
3. Follow instructions on screen.
4. Remember, this is pre-release software, there will be bugs and potential data loss. Always backup!


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