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Data: 23 Kwiecień 2011
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Unity 3D 101 - Asset Superpack

Unity 3D 101 - Asset Superpack | 7,19 Gb

After months of working with this software and collecting what I could find in the way of pre-developed content / scripts and Video tutorials. I figured I would put them together for any other seeking to learn more about the Unity 3D engine.

(most projects are for Unity3d V3+)

I3D's Next-Gen Game Development with Unity3D Volume I
[Noesis] Unity 3d Module 1 - Fundimentals - Video + Assets
[Noesis] Unity 3d Module 2 - Gameplay and Scripting - Video + Assets
[Noesis] Unity 3d Module 3 - Optimization etc - Video + Assets
Advanced Game Design Using Unity - Video (*) Reccomended!
Game Development Using Unity 3 Complete | DVD ISO | (*) Reccomended!
Unity 3D Game Development by Example - PDF E-Book
Unity Game Development Essentials - PDF E-Book
Complete FPS Tutorial by Graham McAllister - PDF E-Book + Assets
Car Tutorial - PDF + Project Files

Assets of Note:
Ingame Biped Editor
Playmaker - Visual Scripting
ORK Okashi RPG Kit
EZRoads 3d 1.8.1
FPX Zero (FPS starter kit)
River tool
Roadpath Tool
Rope Script
Terrain Toolkit Pro

And much more unsorted!
If this dont get you movin, better check yer pulse baby!


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