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Data: 22 Kwiecień 2011
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Eddy Grant - Greatest Hits Collection (2000)

Eddy Grant - Greatest Hits Collection (2000)
Genre: Reggae | 2CDs | Release: 2000 | MP3 320 kbps | 317 MB

Limited edition two disc release featuring the pop reggae star's hits on the first disc, including 'Electric Avenue', 'I Don't Wanna Dance', 'Gimme Hope Jo'Anna', 'Baby Come Back' (from his days with the Equals) & 'Romancing The Stone', plus a bonus CD featuring extended 12 inch versions & remixes of nine tracks including 'Walking On Sunshine' and 'The Youth Tom Tom'. Double slimline jewel case. 1999 release.

This great album compiles Eddy Grant's greatest hits and also offers some excellent 12-inch dance remixes of his best songs. Not only does Grant have a talent for catchy tunes, but his lyrics are very intelligent, often having a message of some sort as in the song about democracy in South Africa called Gimme Hope Joanna.

The first disc contains the original versions of his massive chartbusters like I Don't Wanna Dance, Electric Avenue, Living On The Frontline and Do You Feel My Love, and goes even further back to his very first hits like Baby Come Back. They are all superb reggae tracks with a fine pop sensibility and propulsive beats.

Disc Two contains breathtaking club mixes of songs like Frontline, Hello Africa, Walking On Sunshine and Do You Feel My Love, making this album absolutely essential for the Eddy Grant fan. The rhythmic textures here are very impressive and lend a fresh new perspective to the original songs.

Grant was a unique talent in the reggae world, rootsy enough for the reggae enthusiast but accessible enough for the lover of mainstream music - that's why he had such a good chart run in the seventies and eighties. He was also a brilliant composer, lyricist and singer. I highly recommend this album to all reggae fans.


CD 1:
01. Gimme Hope Jo’anna 3:47
02. I Don’t Wanna Dance 3:20
03. Electric Avenue 3:45
04. Can’t Get Enough Of You 4:20
05. Do You Feel My Love 3:01
06. Till I Can’t Take Love No More 2:45
07. Killer On The Rampage 3:31
08. Baby Come Back 4:57
09. Walking On Sunshine 5:21
10. Living On The Front Line 5:59
11. Boys In The Street 4:15
12. Romancing The Stone 4:51
13. War Party 3:40
14. Hello Africa 5:50
15. Put A Hold On It 4:00
16. Welcome To La Tigre 4:01
17. Don’t Back Down 4:33

CD 2: Original 12” Mixes
01. Living On The Front Line 13:32
02. Hello Africa 12:06
03. Preachin’ Genocide 7:20
04. Exiled (From The Love I Know) 9:30
05. Nobody’s Got Time 7:21
06. Walking On Sunshine (Remixed By Tim Simenon) 3:44
07. Do You Feel My Love 4:39
08. The Youth Tom Tom 4:30
09. African Kings 5:28


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