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Autor: tanya-j
Data: 19 Kwiecień 2011
Kategoria: Archiwum

Brainworx BX Boom Bundle VST AU RTAS TDM VST 3 MacOSX

Brainworx BX Boom Bundle VST AU RTAS TDM VST 3 MacOSX
2011 | ENG | 414 Mb

bx_dynEQ V2 v2.0
The concept of bx_dynEQ V2 is a truly new dynamic EQ-ing, using innovative features M / S and the new ''Reverse Mode'' for the results is not possible with any other EQ.
bx_dynEQ V2 is a mini-package itself, containing bx_dynEQ mono, stereo bx_dynEQ (L / R) and stereo bx_dynEQ (M / S).
The M / S version introduces our unique ''cross-feed'' M / S feature, which allows M & S signals that ''trigger'' for another! An impressive selection of filter types, including our new bandpass filters Brainworx and our brand Bass-Shift and Shift of filters make this a Swiss Army knife EQ Engineers. preset buttons in the GUI allows the engineer to find good starting points for quick and easy despite the complexity of this new monster ...
bx_XL V 1.1.2
bx_XL is a low-latency M / S mastering limiter. Its main purpose is to help you get your mixes loud while keeping clear (undistorted). ''So hard'' as any major label production and less ''crushed'' that many of them.

bx_shredspread V 1.0.5
bx_shredspread is a stereo processor to be used on any subgroup guitar stereo or stereo channels guitar.
bx_shredspread the main objective is to ensure your stereo (''doubled'') guitar tones ''wide and Phatt'' - as easy as possible. ;-)

bx_boom V 1.2.2
Stripped only 2 parameters and intuitive design of these tools allow you to control, mitigate or reinforce the impact of your bass drum sound - even in a final mix or a complete stereo drum loops (!).
The new version of mono is a very easy and great sounding EQ for your bass drum insert.

V2 V bx_digital Mono 2.1.4
Master class of his EQ for your mixing sessions. Finally: a mono version of bx_digital!
The original sound and all the features of bx_digital.

V2 bx_digital V 2.1.4
Bx_digital V2 is a mastering processor state of the art digital EQ offers a mastering class 11-band, M / S De-Esser, Mono-Maker and intelligent Bass-and Presence-Shifters, and a little more M / O functions, such as Pan for M & S, and stereo width control.

V2 bx_control V 2.0.3
Bx_control V2 is a control listening tool and an M / S matrix with built in Mono and Stereo Width control Maker. It also provides a measurement resolution hello levels peak and RMS 17 and AES formats square wave.

bx_dynEQ V 1.2.1
The concept of bx_dynEQ is a truly new dynamic EQ-ing, using innovative features M / S to allow the results is possible with any other EQ.

bx_hybrid V 1.0.5
bx_hybrid is a state of the art mono and stereo EQ. It contains several unique tools, such as an internal M / S processor (stereo version only, of course) to control the stereo width and Mono Maker (an invention that any Brainworx mono stereo signal to a frequency threshold adjustable user-selected with a single button - while automatically compensating the potential loss in the lower frequencies in total).

bx_solo V 1.1.2
bx_solo is a nice little tool that we designed to get you started and used to the way we approach the M / S technique - be it for recording-, mixing or mastering purposes. The ''heart'' of our tools M / S Solo buttons are our unique you can really hear all the components of a stereo mix / stereo signal individually.

bx_cleansweep V 2.0.2
bx_cleansweep is a new Hi-Pass and Lo-pass filter plug-in, the introduction of the new ''Anti Crush Technology'' (originally developed by Brainworx).

V TT Dynamic Range Meter 1.0

NOTE: All Ensemble''inclut''legacy versions that are not checked by default, but other bundles NOT!
V1 1.0.9 legacy bx_control
Legacy bx_digital V1 1.1.3
bx_hybrid V 1.0.5
bx_dynEQ V 1.2.1

- Installation Notes -

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