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Data: 18 Kwiecień 2011
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Cisco NAC Appliance V4.5

Cisco NAC Appliance V4.5
2011 | 651 MB

Cisco NAC Clean Access – a solution for recording and monitoring compliance with policies, operating across a network created on the basis of the product line Cisco Clean Access. Device NAC – autonomous, made ??turnkey version of NAC, a comprehensive full-featured solution.
It gives network administrators to authenticate, authorize, review and adjustment of wired and wireless users and their equipment before they will be granted access to the network. NAC Appliance can apply the expertise of the status and adjustment to any user’s wireless device of 802.11, including client devices and Cisco Aironet Ž Cisco Compatible.
Year of manufacture : 2009

Version : 4.5
Developer : Cisco Systems, Inc.
Platform : Red Hat Linux
Compatibility with Vista : Yes
System Requirements : 384MB RAM (More can be used)
20GB IDE HD (IDE0: 0)
Language : English Russian
Crack : Present

Cisco Clean Access performs three important security features:

1) Identifies users and their devices, their role in the network and the point of authorization and authentication.

2) to assess the security status of the leaf nodes, using the technology of scanning and analysis, or to easily program the agent for more in-depth examination of the status and validation vulnerabilities.

3) Implement the security policy in the network, blocking, quarantined and reorganize the leaf nodes that do not meet policy requirements.

Cisco Clean Access also provides the following advantages when deploying:

1) Scalability – Cisco Clean Access can be deployed immediately to address the problems the network logon, and then further refine and evaluate the architecture of NAC, since the elements of Cisco Clean Access can be integrated into a broader architecture of the NAC.

2) Rapid deployment – Cisco Clean Access – is a compact, ready-to-use “solution, which supports updates of resources to combat viruses, spyware and update Microsoft.

3) Flexibility – Cisco Clean Access supports heterogeneous network infrastructure with a variety of desktop operating systems.

Network characteristics that are ideal for the introduction of Cisco Clean Access:

- The LAN, do not support the 802.1x.
- Wireless, affiliate, or remote workers simple LAN.
- Centralized working environment and IT management.
- Access to the unmanaged computers (eg, visitors, contractors or students).
- Heterogeneous (including products of many vendors) network infrastructure.

Ext. Information : 1) Install the VMWare Clean Access Manager, then the Clean Access Server from the image of cca-4.1_8-K9.iso
2) Create a license file for the CAM and CAS according to the instructions (Nac-CleanAccess-Vmware-Instructions.txt).
3) Edit VMware.vmx file for the CAM so that the MAC-address matches the address on the license.
4) Start the virtual machine, upgrade to version 4.5. To do this, unzip the contents cca_upgrade-4.5.1-NO-WEB.tar.gz to the file system on each server and run the script (Update via Web interface is not supported)
5) Install the license file on both the CAM. Links to the configuration guides below

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